April 29, 2021

Bitcoin’s Uses in the Gaming World

Bitcoin might be one of the most popular investment options people go for these days, but the first cryptocurrency has found many uses in different fields over the years. One field that pretty much all of us are familiar with is gaming! While Bitcoin and gaming don’t seem like they mix well at first glance, they’ve found an excellent balance that makes them a formidable team. If you’re a Bitcoin user with a penchant for playing video games, here are some of the best uses Bitcoin has found in the exciting world of gaming!

Supporting the Pros

You’ve likely been seeing a lot more of Bitcoin in mainstream media these days. Bitcoin has always been a pretty popular topic, but with the coin reaching a peak price point that no one could have expected, its mainstream success has gone through the roof! As a result of this, plenty of shops and services, online and offline, have put in work to include Bitcoin as a payment option! Of the many new places users can now spend their Bitcoin in, a fan-favorite for gamers is the massive live streaming platform Twitch!

Twitch is known for hosting creators that regularly stream gaming content. Since the gamer community on Twitch is one of the largest worldwide, it’s safe to say that the platform is now a staple in gaming! If you’re wondering how Bitcoin plays a part in the Twitch live streaming phenomenon, the answer is simple. Twitch creators don’t have a regular income, instead, they get paid by fan donations. With Bitcoin now a viable option on the site, you can dip into your savings and show support for some of your favorite game streamers!

Gaming With a Twist

At this point, we don’t doubt you’re familiar with the Bitcoin games trend. While they have plenty to offer, they’re best known for doubling as a way to earn Bitcoin! Unfortunately, Bitcoin games aren’t very profitable, so if that’s your reason for playing them, you might want to look at other options. An excellent alternative is automated trading software like The News Spy. Like Bitcoin games, these apps offer users a laidback way to earn Bitcoin thanks to the advanced AI technology they use to automate the trading process. Best of all, they’re fit for both veterans and beginners!

While Bitcoin games might not be the most profitable Bitcoin earning option out there, they’re undoubtedly the most entertaining ones. Players can easily access these games through PC or mobile and enjoy a variety of premium content that’s rare to find these days! Other than the profit opportunities, another thing that gives Bitcoin games an edge is their design. Most Bitcoin games are inspired by classic arcades, so if you grew up in the golden decades of the 80s and 90s, you can experience the nostalgia of such titles in a modern package.

Traditional Gaming

If you’re all about the traditional video game experience, Bitcoin has you covered on that front as well. From PC to Console, buying classic video game titles with Bitcoin is an easy task these days. Most console users will find that there’s no difference between buying a game with Bitcoin or with a fiat currency. Since the Microsoft Xbox Store and the PlayStation Network are both Bitcoin-friendly now, users can browse their excellent game collections and buy console exclusives directly through these official shops. Unfortunately, things aren’t as easy for Nintendo Switch fans.

If you happen to be own one of these portable consoles, you’ll need an alternative way to purchase games as the Nintendo Store isn’t crypto-friendly. Luckily, there are options. The best one you can try at the moment is through using gift cards! You can purchase one from online crypto shops like Coinsbee and use that balance to snatch up some games. The process is similar for purchasing PC games as well! If you want to get your hands on upcoming PC titles with Bitcoin, you can try Keys4Coins, a Bitcoin-friendly website with a massive selection of popular games.

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