May 16, 2021

Is the Blade 720 Really the Drone for You?

Since a few years ago, drones have become a much-coveted gadget in the world of technology. Individuals from all walks of life, may they be a photographer or just your average joe, have yearned to get their hands on this device. Of course, it’s not that hard to come by a drone—they’re mostly sold in gadget shops and other technology-related stores—but then again, they’re not exactly the most affordable gadgets out there. 

If you’re looking to buy a drone, you need to find one that’s worth the investment. So, is the Blade 720 drone worth it, or should you find something else? 

What Is Blade 720?

The Blade 720 drone was created with selfies in mind. What does this mean? Well, with just a single press of a button, the drone will shoot off into the air and allow you to take selfie shots from a bird’s eye view perspective, among many other things, of course. According to our findings, the Blade 720 was created by two engineers from Germany who wanted to help people by releasing a lightweight drone that’s not difficult to bring around.

How Does It Work?

The Blade 720 is easy to set up and operate. Here are basic instructions on what to do once you receive your own drone:

  1. Take out the Blade 720 from the package along with all its arts.
  2. The order should come with a screw, so use that to connect the drone’s blades to the copter. Apparently, the manufacturers chose not to initially attach the copter because there’s a higher chance of getting damaged during transit.
  3. Once you’ve attached everything, download the complimentary app. It’s available on both Android and iOS devices. 
  4. Follow the guide to sync the app you’ve downloaded to your new Blade 720.
  5. Ensure that you’ve fully charged the drone first before using it. 
  6. Enjoy flying!

The app really comes in handy because it allows you to see images in real-time and set up different modes for the drone. Flying the Blade 720 is supposedly effortless, especially since it has intuitive controls that even beginners can master right away.

Blade 720’s Features

  • Panorama Mode: This mode allows you to take stunning 360-degree photos with the help of the app.
  • Foldable: The Blade 720 has foldable propellers, making it super easy to put in a bag and bring around with you.
  • Smartphone-Controlled: Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can easily control the Blade 720 as long as you’ve synced them successfully.
  • Anti-Collision Technology: This drone supposedly has integrated sensors that help it avoid crashes as much as possible.
  • Sleek Design: The design is practical and minimalistic.
  • Improved Battery Life: Having a better battery life means your Blade 720 can fly for longer hours than other drones.

How Much Does the Blade 720 Cost?

The Blade 720 drone is more or less priced at $199.99, but if you order from the gadget’s official website, you have the chance to get it for even lower. The Blade 720’s manufacturer usually offers amazing discounts and deals for the drone, such as a buy 2 take 1 offer. Bargains such as this are great for families with several members who want to bond by flying drones together.

The Pros and Cons of the Blade 720

Pros Cons
Incredible photography: With the Blade 720, you can easily take incredible photos with little effort. Possible accidents: Drones, especially when handled by someone who isn’t a pro yet, can lead to serious accidents. 
For instance, you could end up crashing your drone somewhere or hitting an innocent bystander.
Fun to use: Having a new gadget to play around with is always a fun and exciting experience,
especially when you’ve already mastered using the Blade 720.
Invasion of privacy: As you know, using a drone means you gain access to sights and views that you otherwise wouldn’t
be able to see normally. If the wrong hands use a drone, they could use it to trespass on people’s properties
and probe around places they shouldn’t.
Can save you money: In the long run, you may end up saving money when you have a drone
like the Blade 720 because it lessens the need for human resources and fuel. If you’re trying to capture
a photo of places that are hard to reach, a drone is all you need.
Threat to airports: More and more kids have been playing around with drones, which increases the possibility of
accidents taking place, especially in airports. There have been several instances wherein drones have crashed
into an airplane.


Whether you’re new to the world of drones or you’ve already mastered it, make sure you’re purchasing something worth it. From what we can see so far, the Blade 720 drone appears to be a great concept—lightweight, foldable, and more. However, we can see that it also has a fair number of negative reviews on websites such as TrustPilot. Customers have had issues with the drone’s quality, while others never received their order at all.

As such, tread carefully if you plan on ordering this drone because you might end up disappointed. 

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