July 29, 2016

Here’s How To Block All Mentions Of Pokémon Go While Browsing The Internet

It has been out  for only a few weeks, but plenty of people are already tired of hearing about it. Yes, we are talking about the new augmented reality game Pokemon Go that has become a global obsession. From the posh mansions of New York to the streets of Indian villages, this game has reached everywhere and the streets are packed with people seeking to catch Pokemon.

Here’s How To Block All Mention Of Pokémon Go While Browsing The Internet (3)

However, like every other craze in the market, this too gets irritating after a while. There are people who are sick and tired of hearing about the game. Well, if you are one among them and don’t want to see Pokémon Go anywhere on your Internet browser, we could have a solution for you.

Pokemon Go Away:

A new Google Chrome extension called ‘PokeGone’ can help you block ‘Pokemon Go’ and remove almost all mention of the game from appearing on your web browser when you’re online.

Web developer Jamie Farrelly has created this PokeGone Google Chrome extension and the description for PokeGone reads:

“Sick and tired of hearing about Pokemon?” “PokeGone will take care of that! This extension will stop your eyes from seeing grown adults raving on about Pokemon – simple as.

“Remove all traces of Pokemon from the internet with one simple extension!”

Here’s How To Block All Mention Of Pokémon Go While Browsing The Internet1

If you prefer the extension take it a bit easier on the Pokemon Go content, go to its options and change its Filter Sensitivity (The app offers three settings: Mild, Aggressive and Vindictive). By default, it is set to ‘Aggressive’ and it is indeed very aggressive. For a milder mannered approach to scrubbing Pokemon Go from the internet, you can set it to ‘Mild’. If, however, you find ‘Aggressive’ isn’t enough and you want the extension to be more drastic, set the filter sensitivity to ‘Vindictive’.

Here’s How To Block All Mention Of Pokémon Go While Browsing The Internet (1)

It’s possible this entire Pokémon GO craze could die down in a few months, but, for now, at least you can block any mention of the game online.

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