Metro PCS Bill Pay Options and Latest Offers 2019


Days have gone when people had to carry cash with them for bill payment. Now, one can easily pay the Metro PCS bill via several payment options offered by the company. Metro PCS is a wireless company which is now owned by T- Mobile.

Know your Metro PCS (Personal Communication Service)

Metro was established in the year 1994. This wireless company was initially known as General Wireless. The term PCS is the abbreviation of Personal Communication Service. In the year 2002, the company launched its first service, and within three years, Metro PCS got more than 1 million subscribers. The year 2007 is a remarkable year for this wireless company, as it marked its presence in the stock market. Gradually Metro PCS was switching over to LTE network, and 9 million users were transferred to the new network. The merger with T- Mobile in the year 2015 proved to be a win-win situation for both the parties, as T-mobile already had more than 31 million subscribers and the new company added its more than 8 million subscribers.

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In the early decades of 2000, unlimited plans were not much known to the users. Metro and T-Mobile were among the few carriers who started offering unlimited plans to the users. A very deep study and market analysis were done to come up with these kinds of offers. Proper research was done to know the choice and preference of the subscribers. Even many additional data plans were also introduced in the market so that prime users can get variety. The cost of each plan has been kept in accordance with the analysis. The main aim of Metro PCS is to satisfy the needs of the customers. Along with unlimited packs the carrier also wants the subscribers to be happy with the additional facilities provided by them. Free download of Games, videos, songs, applications, and audiobooks are the bonus services of Metro PCS.

This wireless company gives lucrative offers to customers. Before opting for any data plan, you must know the offers provided by the carrier.

  • 2GB data just for $30: This offer is given by the carrier for those who need fewer data. The 2GB data costs here for just $30.
  • 10GB data for $40: This data plan is dedicated to the music lovers who listen to online songs and watch videos. The subscriber can stream more than 40 applications and can use more 2GB hot spot data by just paying $5. Apart from this, the users also get a chance to save $10 on adding a new line.
  • Unlimited plan available at just $50: This is a boon pack which gives several facilities such as mobile hotspot 5GB data. The carrier gives $20 off on new additional connections. Along with this, the carrier also gives 100GB storage on Google One, backup of data and benefit to the additional members. It is suitable for a small family who needs an unlimited data plan.
  • An unlimited plan worth $60: Metro PCS makes sure that the subscribers are always happy and satisfied. This plan gives 15GB mobile hot spot data and subscription of Amazon Prime, where you can watch your favorite shows and movies. Apart from this you also get free shipping on more than 100 products. Music lovers can listen to more than 1 million songs. It has also given book lovers an option to read and listen to stories on Kindle.

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It may interest you to know that Metro PCS gives more than five options for bill payment, you can opt any of them according to your convenience. Well, some bill payment options charge the ‘processing fees’ whereas some don’t. This article will definitely help you to know about the easiest way for bill payment.

Metropcs Payment Bill Pay Screenshot

What are the various options available for Metro PCS bill payment?

Payment using E-Wallet: E-Wallet is the simplest and fastest way to pay your Metro PCS bill. First of all, you need to create an account and sign in, then add money to your wallet using a credit card and then pay the bill. This method of bill payment is absolutely free. After bill payment, you can also use the rest of the amount for purchasing other applications. Apart from bill payment, E-wallet can be used for many other purposes like online shopping, paying bills, and transferring funds to other accounts.

  • Payment via Text: You just need to add funds to your electronic wallet using credit or debit card then reply to the text sent to your mobile, and your bill will be paid. It is again a free service, and you will not be charged.
  • Using Dropbox for payment: In this option, you just need to walk down to the drop box of Metro PCS authorized outlets and drop your payment voucher in it. The best thing is that it is absolutely easy and free.
  • Payment over the phone call: You will have to just dial * 99 or call the customer care and respond to their verification questions, then follow their instructions and your bill will be paid. This is a chargeable service, and you will be charged $2 as convenience fees.
  • Payment at Machine Location: First of all you must know where the payment machines are installed. These machines are only set up at the commercial Metro PCS stores. You can pay using credit cards, debit cards, or cash. This service is chargeable, and it charges $2 for the process.
  • You can also pay via mail: You will just have to keep your payment voucher ready, the voucher should be in favor of Metro PCS. Post it directly to the official mailing address of Metro PCS. No fee is charged for the service.
  • You can directly visit the counter and pay the bill: You can walk down to the authorized counter anytime and pay the Metro PCS bill by using a credit card, debit card, cash or any other valid monetary instrument.

Metro PCS A Revolution In Communication

Success Story

It is always said that necessity is the mother of revolution. The need to communicate easily and spread the information faster paved the way for wireless communication. Metro PCS (Personal Communications Service) came into existence in the year 1994. Primarily, the metro was known as General Wireless. After eight years, in 2002 Metro commenced its first service. Its service created a buzz in the market, and lots of subscribers started buying its service. This wireless company left no stone unturned for satisfying its customers. As a result, it achieved 1.5 million new subscribers in the first quarter of 2005. Gradually in the year 2007, Metro PCS (Personal Communications Service) marked its existence in the stock market, and its shares made a market capital worth 8 billion.

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Branding and adding new companies

In the era of digital media and marketing branding plays a vital role to attract the target audience and convince them to buy the service. Along with branding, Metro PCS also initiated to upgrade its service and so that the customers can be provided with the latest facilities. Hence, CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) networks were converted to LTE (Long Term Evolution) network.

Happy and Satisfied customers are the keys to a successful business. In order to make the subscribers happy, the company started giving lucrative offers. Unlimited plans and discount on add on connection had created buzz. Metro became one of the few wireless service providers who had started offering unlimited plans.

Merger with T-Mobile US and ally with Amazon Prime acted as a topping on the cake. The new market strategy helped Metro to expand its business in more than 50 markets. After experimenting with all market strategies, T-Mobile gradually took a wise step and started publishing all of its offers and rates.

Metro used a smart way to aware people about its services. It hired two most prominent basketball players for advertising the services. Moreover, it gave a humongous discount on the new connection. It proposed the plan to start the 5G service in 2019.
All the above helped the wireless company to win the market share and perform well. Along with good network, the users are getting additional benefits like a free download of the game, share of hotspot data, free delivery of products, online streaming of web shows, Amazon membership.
Metro PCS (Personal Communications Service) has set up an example of a brand with uniqueness. Metro has started selling its product at Amazon, which again bought it into the limelight.

How a Perfect Website Design Helps a Brand to Attract Visitors


It is not difficult for businesses and firms to start or redesign their websites. Nonetheless, a mistake you may notice that many of them make is that they do not consider how valuable their web design will be for their marketing scheme. While most entrepreneurs and business owners disregard this, the reality is that it is your website design could either cause your business’s marketing campaign to fail or succeed.

Even though your marketing campaign can capture the consumers’ attention, it is your web design that will determine whether they purchase or not. Web design is crucial when it comes to converting leads into paying clients. Hence, it is vital to concentrate on maximizing each phase of your marketing strategy that involves design.

This is one of the reasons why it is important to consult with a reputable web design agency that can assist you in achieving your web design goals. Here are some of the factors that you need to bear in mind to make your web design attractive enough to attract visitors and convert them into loyal customers:

a) Create a meaningful blog.

Having a blog is an outstanding approach to utilize in helping your website grab the attention of online visitors. Nowadays, blogs provide valuable information based on subject matter related to your industry.

How to Optimize your Website Landing Page for Better Conversions

Moreover, there are many people who enjoy reading blogs for pleasure, so if you produce a high-quality one with content that’s worth reading, you could easily entice a wider audience to get connected with you.

Composing informative and thought provoking articles is crucial. People will come back for more if you make your articles interesting and out-of-the-ordinary. Blogs are the pages that online visitors keep on viewing. So, be sure to create an engaging blog and fill it with unusual topics that people will love to read and can learn from.

b) Construct a compelling message.

In general, online marketing, as well as design, have a lot to do with giving the right message. The primary facet of design is to circulate a valuable message to consumers and obtain some response. With carefully selected images and words, you could acquire a result-oriented response that your business requires as well as keep your clients well-informed on various topics.

Consider that an appealing look and an appropriate framing design could also positively influence customers with regards to your business.

c) Your website should be precisely designed for ease of use.

This means that your website design must be capable of forming an initial impression with your users, and after that, you must try to make their interaction with your site as user-friendly as possible. Use human help as much as possible; no one wishes to be greeted and instructed by mere bots only.

Your website should ensure that every step the customer needs to take is clear. Your visitors should never feel dubious about what they are supposed to do next. It is vital that you direct your design around people’s actions as well as around how your guests expect your website to function for them. Luckily, with a bit of thought, you can enhance user experience on your website by solving common issues that would otherwise take your guests time to work out.

d) Effective Analysis.

The truth is, there is no such thing as creating an impeccable website. A website will always require changes, upgrades, and adaptation. Likewise, it needs to be optimized so that it can accomplish the established objectives. A lot of businesses are searching for a website that converts their visitors into those who take lucrative action.

More than that, it is necessary for you to be aware of what areas your website is not doing well in. You need to devote some time to understand the user and strive to single out the pages that are not converting or gaining any traffic. When constructing your website, it is essential to decide whether you can carry out advanced tracking or not. If you’re not capable of doing this, then you are missing out a lot on this indispensable data. It is quite simple to set up your website in such a manner that you can effortlessly collect the data that you badly need.

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e) Social sharing buttons.

These days, social media sharing buttons are a big hit, particularly on blog sites. These buttons enable you to share what you have sent to various social networking platforms. So, if you have these on your business website, someone who likes your blog could instantly share it to highly recognized social networking sites. By simply utilizing these buttons on your website, there is a greater likelihood that your number of viewers will increase since people will acknowledge that a particularly interesting article originated from your website.

f) Participate in blogs or forums.

Taking part in forums is a simple yet very clever approach to interact with other people. At present, because a countless number of people are joining in forums, you will be seen automatically, especially if you have an active involvement in any specific forum.

Besides this, partaking in worthwhile discussions allow people to know more about you and what kind of business or company you have. You can entice more visitors just by taking this simple step. It is imperative to be able to engage with others to disclose to them what your website is all about. As you can see, this plan of action helps people connect with you, and you’ll hopefully be able to convince them to subscribe to your website.

g) Search engine optimization.

This refers to the strategy of maximizing your organic visibilities on search engines with the aid of various on-site as well as off-site methods. It is essential to understand that more than 95% of online activities nowadays are begun with search engines. This is why so your site must be viewed on search.

While a considerable number of websites are designed with openness in mind, they need to be compatible with different devices, as many people access websites with mobiles.

Any alterations that you make to your website design will either influence your search engine optimization in a good or bad way. Therefore, an exceptional website design needs to consider aesthetics, structure, metadata, navigation, and content.

h) Design your website, taking emotion into account.

Without a doubt, emotions have a serious impact on most people’s decisions. Hence, we can’t simply discount emotions when constructing websites. People’s feelings are paramount and often dictate their actions. Through employing certain shapes, colors, fonts, photos, and icons, we can influence the way people feel about the products, brands, or services being offered to them.

If you look around at well-known brands, it’s easy to see how they use emotions in their marketing. For instance, popular companies like Starbucks, Target, and Apple appeal to people’s emotions in many of their ad campaigns.

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i) Free offers.

It is important to understand that when you are offering a free item, you must see to it that the term “free” comes across loudly and explicitly.

j) Respond urgently to your audience’s questions.

It is just good manners and good business to answer their queries quickly and briefly. Nothing makes them feel more valued than when you courteously address their issues and provide them with some useful information.

The Question and Answer portion of your website are vital because this is the way you allow your visitors to know that they can reach out to you anytime. If you set this up from the start, people will be more frequent with their queries, and they will perceive your site as being approachable and amicable.


Without question, having a first-rate web design can help you attract more visitors to your site and convert these visitors into paying clients. By considering the guide shared above when you come to constructing a meaningful, informative, and responsive website, you will certainly make your website an important sales and marketing asset.

Note that altering even just a few of your web page’s features could immensely enhance your marketing campaigns. Be reminded that it is vital to get connected with customers and learn more about their needs and preferences for your business to thrive.

In an era where website competition is getting tighter and tighter, having a lot of visitors and loyal followers is truly mandatory. With the right web design firm to assist you in this venture, you will certainly be able to overtake your rivals. It is truly beneficial to work with a great firm that can help you grow your audience.

Tips for Starting Your Own Website


While it may seem like a difficult task, making your own website is actually pretty straightforward and simple! You may have to go through a few tutorials and watch a couple of videos on YouTube to get the basics down, but there really isn’t that much to it.

It’s not like you’re going to be making your own video game or trying to make the world’s best app. Even if you don’t consider yourself the most tech-savvy person, it’s a task that you can with by yourself, with your friends or with your family.

Maybe you’re setting up a website for your business or adding an online store. It’s the internet, so the possibilities really are endless.

Below are some tips to help you get started!

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What’s it all about?

First and foremost, you’re going to have to decide what you want your website to be about. It would be great if your website could cater to every man, woman, and child on the planet, but unless your website is giving away free money, that’s probably not going to be the case.

You’ll need to think of what you want your website to be. Are you just going to start a travel blog? Are you going to talk about local businesses? Are you a news website? Are you adding a webpage for your existing small business?

Hopefully, this is pretty clear from the start, and it may be worth a brainstorm session or two.

Secondly, you would have to think about your audience. Who exactly is your website for? Families? Teens? Teachers? A certain city or state?

You’ll want to make sure your website is going to be something your audience is going to read and enjoy. Go deep instead of wide.

Knock Out the Tech Side

You can’t put anything on a real website until you have a domain. What is a domain? It’s what comes in between the “www” and the “.com,” “.org,” etc. You’ll have to think of a proper name that easily shows what your website is and who you are.

You don’t want a name to be incredibly long or too confusing. Remember, in this day and age if something is too confusing or takes too long, people are already moving on to the next thing.

The design aspect could cover a whole other article, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it too much. The service where you obtained your domain likely has tools to help you design your website, everything from text layout to organizing photos.

One important factor to keep in mind is making sure that your website is mobile friendly. More and more people are visiting websites on their phones instead of on a computer. You don’t want to lose any traffic or customers because they don’t feel like using the two-finger zoom to read any text.

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Get to Know SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is what is going to drive traffic to your website. Unless you’re on the dark web, you want people to come visit your website and see what you have to offer.

There are countless tips on improving your SEO and driving more people to your website, so it’s best you read up and watch a few tutorial videos. There are plenty of places that offer free SEO crash courses so you can learn the basics.

Neglecting this means your webpage is more like to be buried on the back pages of Google. Really, when was the last time you went past page one?

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Make a Schedule

Think about your favorite TV show. What would happen if one week it didn’t appear at the scheduled time? But the next week, it showed up on a random Tuesday morning. The next week it was at a completely different time. Eventually, watching the show would become a chore, and you might just give up.

The same applies to your website. If you are trying to bring people to your website, you need to have regular content being pushed out. Now, this doesn’t mean every Monday at 3 P.M. you publish something, but you have to give people a reason to keep coming back. If not, they’ll eventually lose interest.

If you have a website that doesn’t need content regularly pushed out, still think about providing updates. If you have a restaurant, posting pictures of items on the menu or photos from a special occasion may be a great idea.

Intel’s Project Athena Laptops Promises to Have A Nine-Hour Battery Life


Intel’s Project Athena was first introduced through a marketing campaign that was launched in January. They had a tagline that said “Laptop innovation rooted in human understanding.” This was a vague sales pitch that did not reveal much about the plans for Project Athena. At that time, people were only wondering about the changes that would be implemented on these new laptops.

Intel Is Making A Difference Now

While the Ultrabook of the 2012-era Intel laptops were the first ones that could properly compete with the MacBook Air of Apple, Project Athena promises to offer more. It promises to give something more than what you can find in any other contemporary computers. Basically, there is at least one concrete and specific promise that this laptop intends to fulfill. It is to offer nine hours of complete battery life in the real world. Therefore, this feature is something that is going to stand out amongst its contemporaries and make a difference in the market.

Project Athena
Project Athena Laptop. Image: Intel

Intel’s Project Athena

As already mentioned, the nine hours real-world battery is the most striking feature of this laptop. However, there can be different interpretations of “real-world” battery. There have been cases in the past where laptop manufacturers manipulate their words to suit their advertising interests and mislead consumers. Having said that, Intel’s Project Athena does seem like it is going in the right direction because of a workload with wireless web browsing along with a few apps that run in the background. It also has a higher brightness of the screen than earlier.

Additionally, Intel shared that their aim to make Project Athena’s battery life longer is by working with OEMs so that they can optimize each system or also develop new systems that require low power. All this is done with an aim to offer a laptop to the buyers for which they don’t need to carry a charger all the time. Other features of this laptop include offering solid-state drives so that there are no slow-spinning platters anymore. There would also be a super-fast Wi-Fi 6 as a part of this laptop.  The laptops developed as a part of Project Athena will become premium operating systems. They will be available in the market in their fullest form in 2020 as well as 2021.

Final Words

To sum up, Project Athena laptops from Intel look very exciting. Apart from nine-hour battery life, they also have some amazing features. Intel is also working towards developing new components that would consume lesser power. So, it is not merely using features like lessening the brightness of your computer screen to increase your battery life. There is a lot more to it. They are taking genuine efforts to improve the battery time by having a more innovative approach towards it. Thanks to these developments, 2020 and 2021 seem very promising for all computer enthusiasts. You have to worry no more about forgetting your charger at home if you have Project Athena laptops with you!

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iPhone Case Makers Guess Apple’s New Design with Giant Camera


Apple fans are always excited in their anticipation of new models. It is because this brand never leaves any stones unturned in making its phones more desirable every year. Now, with only a few months left for the launch of their next model, everyone is looking for some news that would give them a glimpse of the new plans of iPhone makers. One such rumor is in the market and comes from the iPhone case makers who are convinced that this time, iPhone will come with giant cameras.

iPhone 11 Render
iPhone 11 Render

What Does the New iPhone Case Look Like?

In the iPhone case design that has been leaked, there are not many changes except for a massive square module. There are also three lenses that are triangularly arranged. This has been floating in the market for a few months now. However, the case makers are already planning to create a product around this design. This shows that there can be some credibility to this news after all.

Also, no one can negate that some companies might just be taking a chance by already starting to build cases around this design. This is to stay far ahead of the competition so that if this is the original design, the case makers who already have the cases ready will benefit immensely.

Will Apple Really Change the Design?

Apple brought about significant changes in terms of design in its handset with the launch of iPhone 6. Now, the question is regarding the latest model. Maybe they will call it iPhone 11, or there might be a new name for it. Nonetheless, it still intrigues Apple lovers worldwide. After all, the news about a giant camera is really exciting for everyone who is an Apple enthusiast. It is a big give away about the design that we can expect for its new model. The critical point here is to get used to the idea that there will, indeed, be a giant camera.

However, this also makes a good case for camera improvements in the next model. If there is a new and improved camera, it will take better pictures. In the past too, iPhones have become popular for their classy camera quality. Therefore, if they are working towards making the camera better, it is an added advantage for the users.

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Final Words

To sum up, the iPhone case maker’s guess about a giant camera in the new models can be right because some of the vendors have already started making such covers. Hence, there is some credibility to this prediction. Nevertheless, the launch of a new iPhone is only a few months away. People are expecting its launch to take place around September. Hence, the new model of the iPhone will be available for everyone very soon. Till then, people can only wait and get more excited in anticipation.

iPhone has never failed to create a buzz in the market with all its launches. The latest model will definitely do the same!

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7 Essential iPhone Apps That Every User Should Know


There are around 2 million apps in the App Store, and you as an iPhone user have the freedom to choose the best options. There are thousands of apps that can make your life easier, more productive and more fun. That is the purpose of having an iPhone, isn’t it?

Before you start downloading, it is good for you to do some research in order to save some time and of course, more space on your phone. While researching, some of the apps will sound familiar to you, and there might be other ones that you have never heard of.

From productivity, fitness, and live-streaming, to betting and casino apps there’s just so much going on lately. Companies, especially some of the best online casinos in India and the gaming world in general, have dedicated mobile apps that allow people to have a more convenient and pleasant experience. So, you can imagine how diverse the app market has become over the last decade. The apps listed below can be beneficial and practical for you, so let’s check them out.


Nowadays, we value privacy a lot, especially when we search the internet. Released in 2009, Ghostery is one of the fastest and safest browsers out there. This AI-powered app warns you before trackers come to get some of your valuable information. If you are really into protecting your privacy, then this would be a useful asset for you.


Health has always been most important, so everyone should have this app to take better care of themselves. Check healthy recipes and keep track of what are you eating in calories. Set your weekly goal, find the best exercises that the app offers and feel great in your own body. There is also a blog that will keep you motivated during the process and offer you a bunch of ideas on how to stay healthy.



WhatsApp might be one of the most popular apps for communication, and it was released ten years ago, back in 2009. It allows you to chat with everyone that is in your contact list. You can also share your location with your friend, send an important document to your colleague, or if you are in a rush, you can record audio instead of typing a message and send it instantly. The most important thing about this app is that the messaging system is very secure.


Instagram is definitely a ruling app in the photo sharing world. You can follow celebrities, watch their live videos, check some popular topics that are of interest to you, share your stories and more. There is also a possibility for instant messaging. Instagram is the best app when you would like to kill some time at the airport or while waiting for your morning coffee.


When it comes to photography filters and presets, VSCO is a must app. Before posting your vacation photography on Instagram, you want to make sure that you made the best version of your favorite photo. There are a bunch of free filters that you can use depending on the lighting and the content of the image itself. Moreover, the VSCO camera gives you more control compared to your iPhone camera. This is a perfect app for professional photographers as well where you can share your photos with other professionals in the VSCO community.


Developed eight years ago, Flipboard is giving people the opportunity always to stay informed about the things they care about. You can choose the topics that are of interest to you, and the app itself will suggest what is most convenient according to the topics that you chose.


Buddy is your personal accountant. If you need any assistance for tracking finances, this app is a real helper. Every expense of yours can be recorded directly in the app, and you will be able to check your daily spendings. You can also share expenses with your friends or roommates. Buddy will always remind you at your desired time to double check if you missed something on the list today!

Culture Trip

This app is a combination of travel, entertainment and media stories. Culture Trip, a company that raised one of the largest funding deals in the UK is producing thousands of stories on a daily basis. Each story will give travelers a short overview about the place they are visiting. You can make a wishlist of your favorite cities, and Culture Trip will suggest you the best hotels to stay, places to eat and attractions to visit.