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In the recent past, the field of blogging has grown tremendously with many bloggers coming in and creating wonderful websites or blogs which are helpful to people who search for them, and also themselves in terms of revenue. As days passed by, the world has shifted its major part towards internet which has been the new phase of living. And this created more opportunity for people like us (bloggers) to explore in to the depths of internet marketing, there by inventing new ways to make money online. This has been my life from two years and I have seen most of the transformations in the online world ever since. I have learnt a lot, been through many ups and downs but never lost the spirit which drove me into this blogging and internet marketing.

While learning I have also shared almost everything about SEO, Blogging, Internet Marketing and Make Money Online in my blog Alltechbuzz in the form of articles, guides and giveaways. Apart from this, I have also offered Blogging Coaching for more than 400 students online and offline with more success rate than any other course online. So, now I thought of taking it to the next level by being a blogging consultant for your blog.

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Why should you go for Blogging Consultancy?

When I started blogging, it took me almost six months to get good knowledge about SEO and other internet marketing strategies. All the knowledge I gained was from Google, experiments and experiences. Six months is a lot of time and I see many people want the results sooner. So that was the initial reason for starting Blogging Coaching where I just taught my students. Teaching and helping was the main scenario till now, but with Blogging Consultancy I am going to offer complete support, teach and work along with you to guide you and see you through faster results.

There are many people who want to make money online but are not ready to work hard for it, I will only be your blog consultant only if you are serious and passionate enough to put in your 100%. The rest will be taken care by me, where I will make you walk through every step towards success.

I assure you results, but only if you are capable of putting in your efforts.

Here’s an Overview of What I will Offer:

  • How to create, customize blogs and driving traffic to your blogs
  • How to blog for money
  • On-page optimization like keyword research, improving page loading time etc…
  • Off-page optimization like advanced link building
  • Ranking top on search engines with advanced SEO tactics.
  • Building social media like Facebook pages, driving traffic via FB pages, Reddit, Stumpleupon etc…
  • WordPress basics and training
  • Making money from blogs, Facebook pages and Youtube.
  • Making money with sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.
  • Building a team and community
  • Making money with niche blogs in very short time
  • Improving your blog/website in all aspects like Alexa rank, Google page rank, traffic and most importantly REVENUE.

This is just an overview of the main topics which I am going to cover. There is a lot more you will learn in the process because I will be always there to guide you at every step of your blog journey.

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