October 2, 2015

Blogging as a Full Time Career or Primary Job? Which is better if you are Living in India

Its been around 4 years I got into blogging. I started blogging at the age of 18 while I was studying my Engineering first year. Many aspiring bloggers ask me this question “Blogging for Full Time or Job” which is a better career choice. I blogged as a student and now I finished my Engineering (Of course I have few Backlogs though, which I think never gonna clear) and started a company of my own. I will give you a perfect answer for this question in this article whether to choose blogging as a full-time career or have a job as primary and keep blogging for part-time.

Am also a blogger but as of now I would rather prefer to call myself as an Internet Entrepreneur/ Digital Marketer. In this article I will show you different scenarios that would arise if you choose blogging as a full-time career and also what if you blog for part-time with real-time examples.

Is Blogging an Easy Job?

My answer is a big no. I see many people who don’t get jobs come to me and ask to train them so that they can blog and earn money. But the truth is Blogging is much more difficult than a full-time job. If you fail to get a job in the present market the chances of you getting successful with blogging are also not very high.

Blogging requires overall skills and creativity. Yes, you can make a lot of money from blogging but it requires a lot of dedication, skill and creativity. The major skill set that you must need is at least one area of expertise, Good Internet using skills, basic web design and development, excellent English reading writing skills and lastly SEO. In the skills which I have mentioned I kept SEO at the end because even if you learn SEO without mastering other skill set you will eventually fail. You may make money for few days using some tips, tweaks and black hat techniques for few days but that won’t last for a longer period.

So, if you are with a perception that you can easily make money over Internet by just copy pasting or clicking some ads then better stop trying to make money online and try to get some job because making money on internet by just clicking some ads never gonna happen. Even though if you find such network, it will eventually come out as a scam one day.

What I basically want to express is, Blogging or making money over internet is not an easy task. It also requires some skill set, knowledge and dedication.

Never Jump Start Blogging for Full Time:

It’s not at all recommended to jump-start blogging as a full-time career. If you see bloggers like Amit Agarwal, Tony John, Harsh Agarwal they started blogging part time. They took it as a full time career only after making sufficient enough to make a living from blogging and gaining confidence over blogging. That’s how an intellectual must think to play it safe.

Blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. Daily over 10,000 people search on web how to make money only. And out of them only 5 turns out to be successful. So, now you have seen the success ratio. Not everyone can be successful with blogging. If you are just doing blogging only for money without adequate knowledge then its very hard to succeed.

Amit Agarwal who is known as the father of Indian Blogging used to be a Software Engineering in US. He started blogging and start making good money from Google Adsense decided to quit his job and blog full-time. He chose blogging only after he was successful – Point to be noted.

Take blogging as a full-time career only after you are successful or else you may end up screwing your life.

It also depends on Gender in India (Male or Female):

If you are a male then you should read the complete article thoroughly. In case if you are a female then many things I listed in this article might not reflect your career as a blogger. In India most of the girls are likely to be at home after their marriage(which I don’t like though). In that case if you are blogging from home and earning decent for your needs(Online shopping– Am just kidding) as well as supporting the family financially, then that’s great. You earn a lot of respect in your own family as well as from the society. But if you are a male read on…

Blogging alone at home or Having an Office?

I prefer to have an office but it differs from individual to individual. A friend of mine earns over $5000 monthly working from home and he spends most of the time in travelling. Ofcourse it’s a very happy life. But some bloggers like Amit Bhawani prefer to have an office where you would be having few more content creators and editors working on your blog. That would give you an office environment and can benefit you in a lot of ways in Indian society.

Society view on Blogging from home in India:

If you are a person who bothers much about what others think about you, I highly recommend not to work from home. Because Indian’s don’t care how much you earn. All they do care is which MNC company you work for. Trust me, a friend of mine didn’t find a perfect match to marry for several years. The reason was he works from home and not an MNC. If you are single and looking for a perfect match on some matrimony site then 99% of them prefer a bridegroom who works for a reputed company. The chances of you facing a lot of trouble while finding perfect match and being humiliated by your family members/neighbour are very high if you are working from home.

There are chances that you might be successful with blogging and earning huge from it. In that case I would suggest you to have an office as it can not only give you respect in society but also develops a discipline. When you are blogging from home you cannot be productive for a longer period. So, better have an office and proper timing.

Here I would like to quote one more scenario – One of my client makes $2000 consistently every month working from home. One day while I was talking to him he said – Imran, I am having enough money but I don’t have a name/respect in the society, what can I do for that? I simply replied him to have an office rather than working from home.

Ofcourse if you are already super rich and earning millions online no one would have a problem though. Money can not only buy materialistic things but can also get you a lot of respect in Indian society.

Revenue from Blogging is not consistent:

This is the biggest reason not to take blogging as a full time career option. Blogging is not a consistent revenue generation career option. It depends on many factors and one of the main factor is Google Algorithmic updates. Google released an algorithm called Panda in Feb 2011 which ended many blogging careers. After that Panda hit only a very few bloggers were able to recover.

I meet a lot of people daily who want to hire me to work on their websites. I ask about their past blogging experience and many times I get the answer saying that they used to get millions of visitors in the past few years and after the recent google updates they were never able to bounce back. This happens when you are stuck with the same monotonous strategy. Things change with time and we should get our-self updated with latest strategies that are going on. Previously the more pages you used to have on your website the higher traffic you used to get but now a days its not about quantity of pages you are having but its all about quality of content.

Final Words:

Start blogging as a part time job and when you are successful go with it as a full time career option. Rather than blogging at home I would suggest you to have an office.

Are you a blogger? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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