April 29, 2020

How to Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Quickly Using Magic Autofill

Booking tickets from IRCTC is the most hectic process for every Indian passenger who wants to travel through Trains. Because IRCTC is the only official website to book train tickets in India, that’s why it takes much time to book a train ticket. This will be double while booking Tatkal tickets because most of the people book tickets suddenly by using Tatkal scheme. IRCTC website has 12 million unique visitors per month and most of the people will be on the website between 10 AM to 12 PM. Because it is the time to book Tatkal tickets online, actually most of the tickets sold within one hour.

Straight to the point here I mention a few useful methods and some important tips to increase the chances of getting tatkal tickets before the site getting down.

Using Autofill Plugin for Google Chrome and Firefox:

This plugin is developed by Deepak Yadav from myRailinfo.in.

  • Visit myRailinfo.in
  • There you find an autofill form as well as you can also find an option to install the plugin for respective browsers.
  • Using this AutoFill plugin you can book tatkal tickets quickly.

Alternate Method – Magic Autofill:

Magic Autofill is a bookmarklet created by Amit Agarwal, founder of Labnol website. This tool will be a handy thing to book tatkal tickets quickly. Actually this tool doesn’t book tickets but it helps you to complete the booking process lesser than before. Check here how it works.

magic auto fill

1. First, go to this website www.ctrlq.org/irctc and click on the “fill reservation form” button and fill all details which are necessary while booking a ticket on IRCTC website.

2. By using this form you can book tickets for 6 adult passengers and 2 child passengers. Once you fill all the details, enter your mobile number at the end of the form.

3. Now click on “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and you will get a magic autofill bookmarklet. Drag it into your browser bookmarks tab.

4. Now open the IRCTC website and navigate to the booking section, click on the magic autofill bookmarklet to complete ticket booking. (Here you need to do things quickly because you’ll miss tickets in seconds of time).

User-Agent Switcher:

As the name suggests user agent switcher changes the user agent of the browser into the desired format. Here we use this for tatkal ticket booking. This extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

1. First of all, you need to download the user agent switcher extension from the below link and install it on your chrome browser.

Download User Agent Switcher

2. Once installed it will be placed beside the wrench menu of chrome browser. Click on that icon and change the user agent to any mobile platform. Here I use an android mobile user agent.

3. Logic is simple, we have a speed internet connection but it doesn’t work with the IRCTC website. So we browse the same website through the mobile platform to book tickets quickly.

4. Here we browse IRCTC website in a mobile platform with a pc internet connection.

I don’t guarantee this method because it has a 50-50 chance but you will give it a try.

Tips to Book Tatkal Tickets Quickly Online:

  • The main thing we consider while booking tickets from IRCTC website is you need to keep the page active otherwise it shows a message session expired. So to prevent these things you need to do some quick operations while performing ticket booking.
  • To keep the session alive for a long time you need to do one tricky thing that is copy the link from the IRCTC website General Section and select “Terms and Conditions” and paste the link on another browser. For example, if your book tickets on chrome then open the below link on the Firefox browser and refresh that page for every 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Note down each and every information which are necessary while booking tatkal tickets. Noting down on paper is a time taken thing so you can take the help of auto form filling add-ons and extensions from both browsers.

Latest Tips and Tricks for Booking Tatkal Tickets Online:

1. Install Ad Block on your Web browser:

Nowadays everyone shows the ads on their website, IRCIC also shows the ads on their site and also contain the images and maybe some Java scripts which slow your online Tatkal booking process.

You have to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser because they are the fastest browser and take very less time load websites.

Please follow the below links to install Ad block on your Web browser.

=> Install  Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

By following the above link install the Ad-block on your web browser and block the ads and other Java scripts that slow the IRCTC website.

2. By installing the Auto Refresh Plugin:

It is common that when we want to book online Tatkal ticket on IRCTC we logged in IRCTC account before 10 AM, but when Tatkal booking started, we click on sites it shows session expired, It means you need to login again but now it’s very hard to Login during Tatkal timing.

IRCTC generally Logged out your account if you are not using it from the last 3 minutes, So if you want to book tickets you have logged into your account before 10 AM and for the solution of “Session Expire Error” I will show you the fantastic way.

There is one plugin available named “Auto Refresh” on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both web browsers. Follow the below steps to install the Auto Refresh Plugin.

For Google Chrome Browser:

1) Open your browser

2) Go to the link to install the Auto Refresh Plugin: Click Here

3) Now install the plugin by clicking on Add button

easy auto refresh

4) After that plugin will install automatically.

5) Now when you open the IRCTC website, you will see the one icon on the address bar.

6) Simply click on that icon and set the auto-refresh time (In seconds) and click on start.

auto refresh

That’s it after that you will never face the “Session Expire error on IRCTC”


While booking tatkal tickets from a slow internet connection is not possible in future days also, even it is also a time taking process in fast internet connection too. So follow the above tips to book tickets from the IRCTC website.

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