November 8, 2020

Brand New Samsung Released in India

The South Korean giant announced its mid-range leader a few weeks ago. The tech-hungry Indian market welcomed its release with enthusiastic reviews.

India’s Dynamic Online Scene Makes the M51 an Instant Hit

When the new Samsung Galaxy M51 was first officially revealed on the company’s German website, few expected it to make waves in the upper mid-range category of smartphones. Especially in a year when consumers are relying more on their mobile devices for work and personal affairs, and seem to be more informed and demanding.

The latest of the M series, however, claimed its leadership in one particular category – power capacity. Important changes in our lives seem to be mirrored in the dynamics of the digital landscape – evolving and changing according to consumer needs and behavior. However, one particular characteristic always ticks the box for the majority of users: battery capacity.

The Samsung Galaxy M51 massive 7,000 mAh battery spoils users with the inevitable fast charging (25W) and the Indian debut of the device on Amazon was met with more than positive reviews. The M51 lacks almost nothing which high-end mobiles offer users with a demanding lifestyle:

  • 64 megapixel primary quad rear camera (with an f/1.8 lens)
  • 32-megapixel front selfie camera
  • 6.7-inch full HD Super AMOLED+ Infinity-O display
  • side-mounted fingerprint sensor
  • 6GB RAM and 128GB RAM (standard)

And probably best of all, it currently starts at under Rs. 22,499, which is much lower than what Samsung offers it for on its official website in Europe.

Put simply, the most powerful of the M series delivers top-end specs at quite an affordable price. Unsurprisingly, it has already become massively popular all over India, which seems to have been its primary target market all along.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Overview

Pros: Fantastic battery life; Fast Charging; Superb AMOLED+ display; Good cameras.

Cons: Average refresh rate; Bloatware.

A World of Possibilities at an Affordable Price

One thing is certain about the desi tech market – the nation embraces quickly new technology which is simply worth it. At a price range which suggests a typical profile of an active (working) urban user, recent developments in mobile devices bring limitless opportunities for communication and entertainment in the palm of our hand.

Online “fun and games”, as much as our virtual social life, has been taken to an incredibly engaging level. The Indian gamers are probably the ones most taken by it, in proportion to the time they spend with any other mediums. High-end mobile devices allow millions to enjoy online entertainment like never before, including online gambling.

Busy Indians relish the possibility to access their favorite online gambling websites, to play blackjack online from India, integrating seamlessly their e-wallets and gaining tokens, sharing with friends and family. Affordable tech goes hand in hand – finally – with cheap data packages and has led to India overtaking the US as the second-largest game download market.

New Technology to the Rescue

Spatial distancing doesn’t have to mean limiting our opportunities for online entertainment. Mostly because, when it comes to applied digital technology, India is equal to most developed countries, and ahead of many.

Given the easy and convenient access, it is not surprising to see Indians indulge in social gaming and small-time gambling online to fight off the tedious state of being locked up at home. Casual betting has increased among family and friends, as industry reports highlight online gaming as an important means of socializing. Indians tend to stick to the classics – Rummy, Poker, Teen Patti – meeting up weekly for what used to be their regular trash party.

With the country boasting the youngest tech-savvy mobile user population, where technology facilitates socializing with friends and family, it is no surprise that mobile entertainment services will keep growing for the foreseeable future.


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