March 12, 2022

BrightonSEO is Back Live in 2022

With last year being an entirely digital affair, it is great to see that one of the biggest marketing conferences in the UK is back. Here, search marketers descend from all over Europe to learn and network with others in the business.

This is an important date for anyone in the search game.

Why BrightonSEO is More Important than Ever Before

The conference draws together every kind of search marketing company you can think of and many that are new to the business. The conferences tend to be packed with insight and information, and this is valuable for two reasons:

  • Marketers can learn from others’ experiences.
  • Marketers can stay on top of trends and ahead of regulations allowing for better strategies to be developed.

This is particularly important given the speed at which the industry moves. Google controls the industry in many instances and can change things at a button push.

Perhaps, BrightonSEO, now a physical event once more, is where the real value comes in. We’ve all lived for two years in our homes, communicating over a webcam only. Now we can mix, mingle, share stories ideas, and later enjoy the after-parties. This is what life is about and indeed what we search marketers need.

Opportunities at BrightonSEO

One of the strengths of the conference is that search marketing businesses can meet teams that have developed cutting-edge search marketing tools. Good tools are invaluable to stay ahead of the competition, making content creation an easier process, and keeping track of where that content is published.

If we take LEOlytics, for example, their tool not only makes it easy for a search marketing company to commission content for search engine optimization purposes but suggests satellite sites where more content can be published.

This saves search marketers time, a precious resource that we never seem to have enough of, and vanishes in a blink of an eye.

This is just one aspect where good search marketing tools come into their own.


As well as seminars, workshops, networking opportunities are plentiful. Arguably, this is one of the most valuable aspects of the whole event, as businesses can connect with other businesses. This is where tools can be explained and even demonstrated.

It is not just your typical SEO person at the event. Content creators of all types flock here, from copywriters to videographers and film editors. The web is becoming more visual, and more visual content is becoming more in demand.

Brighton SEO 2022

Brighton SEO in 2022 is big. The biggest auditorium, Auditorium 1, has a 3000 capacity. Auditorium 2 has 600 capacity while Syndicate 1 & 2 Kleecks Stage has a capacity of 400, as does Syndicate 3 & 4. The Restaurant – Showcase Stage has a capacity of 300.

There is not a facet of the search that is not covered at this year’s event, from the technical aspects of search marketing to link building to conducting keyword research and content marketing. There are even dedicated e-commerce events during the two-day conference.

If you are in the search marketing industry, try and be at this conference. You’ll find it invaluable!

About the author 

Kyrie Mattos

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