January 27, 2019

OnePlus One for Sale without Invite | Ships in time for Christmas

What could be the best gift you can get for this Christmas? All it could be undeniably a high end smartphone at low cost. And the search was on web and reviews speak iPhone 6, LG G3, Samsung Note 4 and on as the best high-end smartphones. But for a poor man like me couldn’t be able to offer huge number of bucks for these smartphones and so OnePlus One is the best option at around $300 price!One-plus-without-invite

OnePlus One, the flagship killer has recently made its way for selling in India via Amazon.com with many controversial issues with the release of Custom ROM delivery. But here is an exciting offer by the OnePlus to all the users on this Christmas. As part of a limited time offer, OnePlus is making its self-dubbed “flagship killer” available for sale without the need to jump through any hoops. This offer was first new available since the Black Friday event.

Our Christmas sale is here and no invites needed! Order the One today and you’ll receive it before December 25

– Says the Official OnePlus Facebook Fan page

Click on the image to Buy OnePlus One without an Invite.


Both the 16GB (Silk White) model and the 64GB (Sandstone Black) model are available, for $299 and $349 respectively. OnePlus promises that shipped orders will reach you before December 25, bar unforeseen events that could disturb shipping, outside of OnePlus’ control.

As even the competition is more and not much stock is available as said by in Official OnePlus, grab a One as soon as you can before this offer ends.!


There are tons of perfectly satisfied users experiencing, this device remains a top recommendation if you’re looking for a phone in the $300 price range. Go and grab a One as soon as you can without any invite before the stock last.

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Imran Uddin

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