January 8, 2015

How to Buy OnePlus One Mobile to India via PPOBOX – Complete Guide

OnePlus One, the “Flagship Killer” is ranked among the Top 10 smartphones of the year 2014Though there was an issue with selling the smartphone in India as Micromax has got the entire rights to sell the phone which has Cyanogenmod OS in it. A very recent news says that the case on OnePlus One is lifted out and the sales are back in Amazon. There are people who are suffering from Indian specific invites which are very limited. Also, there is no software upgrade option for Indian specific smartphones, which is a major drawback. So, its highly recommended to buy a global smartphone, ship it to US and then get it back to India using any postal service which costs a 4000 INR extra.

One of the postal services which does shipping from US, China and other places is PPOBox. I ordered my OnePlus One smartphone using PPOBox and I personally recommend you to buy from the same as it is very good. PPOBox has No Registration fee & very less shipping fee as compared to other services. US to India shipping will be done either by ICCWORLD (Bombay Courier) or DHL and Local. Customs will be cleared by them (The charges will be included in their Pay). After receiving the parcel in their Mumbai Warehouse, they will send you an invoice and you have to pay all the dues online at that time (Shipping+Customs), and next day they will forward the parcel to you via BLUEDART.
They take around 6-8 days to get it delivered to your home address including customs.

Here goes the entire tutorial in step by step procedure from PPOBox

Step 1 : Grab an Invite

OnePlus One has some different mode of ordering. All you need is an invite to get that smartphone. I got my invite from Naresh and he helped me in ordering, shipping. Also there are some days and events where you can Order OnePlus for free without invites. So, join OnePlus One communities on Facebook groups, Google+ and other social media where many people out there are giving away invites for free. Also I strongly recommend not to buy any invite as there are some people who cash with those invites. Once you have an invite , follow this tutorial and the beast will be hands-on soon!

Step 2 : Get your PPOBox ID ready

  • Register at www.ppobox.com which is of Free.
  • Verify your Email ID and Phone No, Including Land line, if any (otherwise put alternate mobile no)
  • Click on “Enter a New Shipment” option.
  • Fill all the details that you can fill like your name, address and all.
  • Put these details for these options.

PPOBox Mailbox Address Used * :  New York PPOBOX.

U.S. / U.K. / China Delivery Co.  :- USPS

U.S. / U.K. / China Delivery Co. ORDER TRACKING NO. (fedex, USP, USPS)  : 1234 (Dummy Value, Will have to update later)

Order No. on Item invoice *  : 1234(Dummy Value, Will have to update later)
Item Type *: mobile_phone

FULL Description of Contents* : OnePlus One Sandstone Black 64 GB SKU-0101020602, Charger US SKU-0201000401, Order #, Invoice #.(No Values for Order# and Invoice #, Will have to update later)

Quantity of items in Package*: 1 (Depends on how many you order)

TOTAL Value of Package contents $USD *: 349

Would you like to insure your package for the item Value? * :- Yes

Customer Notes: Blank


Enter the name and address of the shipper/seller/store
this package is coming from* : Baldwin Park, CA, USA

Approx. Package Weight LBS.* : 2

Verification Required* : Check the box

  • Click Submit.
  • Go to My Shipments and note down PPO# and Unique Pack#.

Also you will get email from PPOBOX Support(support@ppobox.com viazohocrm.com) with Subject Like “PPO#-Unique Pack#- Your Unique PPO Package Number”.

Keep this mail open we need to forward few things to them.

Step 3: Get your PayPal Account ready

  • Register with www.paypal.com if you never used your paypal.
  • Verify your Email ID and Phone no
  • Link you Credit Card under Profile –> Link/Edit Credit Card. (Make sure you use Address as per Card Statement and if you DO NOT have Credit card , you can buy using a debit card. Check this Link)

Step 4: Place Order of your OPO from OPO store

  • Login to OPO Store Account (http://oneplus.net/)
  • Update your Address Book, Put Default Billing Address as your Home Address in INDIA and update
    Default Shipping Address as below. (Add PPO# and Unique Pack# in below Address)

Your Name – ICC World
250 West 40th Street
8th Floor, PPO # (Unique Pack# )
New York, NY, 10018, USA
Tel.: 212-398-0780

  • Go to OnePlus Account cart and Place order.
  • It will redirect you to Paypal , use your Paypal Email ID and Password and Login.
  • On Pay payment page there will be two options, either pay in USD or INR, Recommend you to choose USD option as PayPal charge 4-5% for Conversion and most of the banks Charge 3%.

Step 5 : Update Order Details in PPOBOX

  • Login to www.ppobox.com
  • Click on My Shipment.
  • Click on Edit button (Shipment which you created on  Step 3)
  • Update “Order No. on Item invoice *:” Update Order# from OPO Store Account (or check your email)
  • Put Order# and Invoice# in “Description of Contents*:”
  • Tick the check box for “Verification Required *:” option.
  • Click Submit.

Step 6 : Send Required Document to PPO Support

  • You will get One mail from Paypal after placing order, save that mail in pdf.
  • Get any of these scanned (pdf, jpeg or jpg), [Voter Card, Driving Licence or Aadhar Card]
  • Prepare Declaration Letter , Fill your details(PPO) , take a printout, Sign. it , Scan it and save as pdf.
  • Send above 3 docs to PPO support email which you received after creating new shipment.

Step 7 : Update your tracking No. to PPOBox

(“THIS IS ONE OF MOST IMPORTANT STEP, If you forget to do this step your shipment won’t proceed to India through PPOBox”)
  • You will get another email from OnePlus containing tracking no of your order (after 1 or 2 days after placing your order).
  • Copy that tacking no.
  • Login to www.ppobox.com
  • Click My Shipments Option.
  • Click Edit Button for your shipment.
  • Put that tracking no to “U.S. / U.K. / China Delivery Co. ORDER TRACKING NO. (fedex, USP, USPS) : ”  option.
  • Tick the CheckBox for “Verification Required *:” option.
  • Click Submit.

Now you can Track your order through this link.

Once PPO received your package at their New York Address, they will ship it to India at their Mumbai office and will contact you for payment.

Step 8 : Make a payment to PPOBox

  • Login www.ppobox.com
  • Click on make a payment.
  • Click on “Pay in Indian Rupees INR
  • Fill the form and make the payment.

After receiving payment, PPOBox will ship your OnePlus One to your local Address.

I bought the OnePlus through PPO Box/PayPal as described, my Credit Card was charged for Rs. 23,373.37

PPO Box sent me the Invoice of Rs. 4237/-
Breakup as :

ICC Shipping, Handling & Clearance Fees: Rs. 1,330

Insurance Fees: Rs. 433

Customs Duty: Rs. 2,256

Service Tax: Rs. 218

Total: 4237/-

Total cost incurred is: Rs. 27,610.37

As compared, the paid amount is Rs. 3458/- there’s a difference of Rs. 779/-

I have put all my efforts in writing this article. If this helps you, we expect a thanks at the comment box! Share this article who has problems while ordering and shipping, feel free to contact us.We will respond as soon as we can!

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