April 23, 2021

Can You Play Android Slots for Free but Win Real Money?

Playing slot machines can certainly be an expensive pastime, for if the slots you choose to play are not paying much out, your bankroll can soon vanish. I am sure many of you that do enjoy playing slot games have experienced some horrendous sessions.

However, as you become a much more experienced slot player, you will become aware of ways that you can lock in the maximum playing value and get more playtime out of your gambling budget, and below I will look at some of those ways.

But do be aware that you do not have to play android slots for money to have a chance of winning real cash prizes, for there are a couple of ways to play slots on your mobile device at no risk what so ever and still have a chance of walking away from a big winner. So let me not take a look at just how that is possible.

Mobile Free to Enter Slot Tournaments

A slot tournament is simply a slot machine playing competition, all entrants are given a set period of time to play off their tournament credits and when the allocated time to play off those credits runs out or the tournament credits do a player’s entry into that tournaments will come to an end.

The winnings accumulated on each winning spin during those tournaments are awarded as points, and it is those who amass the most points when playing off the tournament slot that then gets awarded with any real money cash prizes attached to that tournament.

Some casino apps will charge their customers a small entry fee to take part in them, however, quite a lot of casino apps allow their customers to take part in one or more daily freeroll slot tournaments as they are known.

Therefore, if you want to have some slot playing fun, but at no risk but still have a fair and reasonable chance of walking off with real cash winnings be on your lookout for those freeroll tournaments as they are a great way to spend some time playing slots but at no risk, and you never know you may be lucky enough to win big too.

No Deposit Casino App Welcome Offers

Another way to get some Android slot playing value is to look out for any casino apps that offer, as part of their welcome bonus package a no deposit bonus, as the casino operators will give you some free playing credits to play their slot machines with, and if you win, as per their terms and conditions you can keep some or all of the winnings.

Some will even offer you a free set of spins on one or more of their slot machines when you download their apps and sign up.

You will be tasked with playing off those spins and once again, as long as you adhere to their respective terms and conditions you will be allowed to keep and cash out some or all of the winnings you are lucky enough to achieve.

Top Real Money Android Slot Playing Tip

If you would much prefer just playing Android slot machines for real money then there is just one top tip that I can pass onto you to ensure you get plenty of long-term playtime out of your bankroll, whilst having a chance of getting more winning payouts too.

That is to simply make a point of looking up the payout percentages of any and all slot games available within the app you have chosen to utilize and then only ever play the ones that have been designed with the highest long-term expected payout percentages.

With some hunting around you will find some slot and casino apps suitable for mobile devices using the Android operating system offering real money slots that have been designed with payout percentages as high as 99% or slightly higher, and they are certainly the ones that you should be playing.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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