August 22, 2019

How are casinos using technology to appeal to digitally savvy players?

The traditional casino is looking for a physical player to sit down and stay in a certain place for hours at a time spending money. Profit margins are definitely high with this strategy, sometimes reaching as much as 60% on a single slot. However, casino loving Millennials have no notion of what it means to sit in one place for more than a few minutes, and casinos are catching on to this wave.

Savvy casinos are staying one step ahead of the curve by using technology to bring players to them. Here are a few of the most important technologies that casinos are using to appeal to digitally savvy players.

Big Data

Casinos pioneered the use of big data in many ways. The concept of loyalty cards is an important innovation that was first used in a major way by early online casinos. Savvy casinos also know how to organize big data to synchronize offers with target segments, time them to work most effectively, and re-market like crazy. Today, streaming data actually lets producers change casino games in real-time depending on how players are playing the game. It is also used quite extensively for security purposes. The Department of Homeland Security in the US is actually using a technology that detects hard to read relationships that allowed certain players to notice trends in casino games and win more often.


Of course, the world of gaming is going to have gamification involved somehow! Games are becoming more social in nature, and the casino industry is acknowledging it directly by producing games with social rewards and leaderboards that everyone can see. Not only can the best players win, but they can also gain a reputation in the community that can lead to other opportunities.

Millennials have always been more concerned with this kind of social standing than other generations, and gamification of the gaming world is a great way to provide added incentive for this group of people to gamble. In particular, online slot games on websites like Casumo India are becoming increasingly popular in nature partly due to the specific storyline, variety of prizes, and theme of the game.


Hi-end three-dimensional graphics, 4K pixel clarity, professional audio, and touchscreen interactivity are just a few of the ways that virtual reality is moving into the casino space. Some casinos are using everything from panoramic wide screens for more cinematics and some of the most successful ideas from strategy and MMORPG games to create fuller gaming experiences. VR also allows for a more personalized experience because every player is truly viewing a different perspective in the same world.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Electronic documents have the ability to streamline operations in a way that was not possible before. Accurate documentation is much easier when everything is electronic, and nothing gets lost between the file cabinets, either. It is also much easier to collaborate on projects through centralized documents over the cloud, so things just get done much faster. Multiple documents that are sent to different people for different reasons in the traditional way of approving processes took forever. When operations move, so does the money!

Gambling is no longer an old person’s sport. The average age of visitors to Las Vegas is dropping – from 50 to 45, according to some gaming studies. The percentage of people who visit traditionally gamed up locations to actually gamble has dropped as well. Casinos have to catch up with the times, and the ideas above are probably only the tip of the iceberg for what we have in store for the very near future.

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