May 27, 2021

CDKeys Review: Is It Legit or Too Good to Be True?

Being a gamer is all well and good, but it’s not always practical to buy video games because they can be costly. As a gamer, you’ve probably tried looking for ways to gain access to games without burning a hole through your wallet. You’ve probably even considered pirating games, which isn’t always the best solution. Fortunately, there are websites out there that sell codes to video games at a very affordable price, and one of these is CDKeys.

But what’s the catch? Buying cheap games seems too good to be true, so you might be a bit hesitant. That’s understandable, but don’t worry. Our CDKeys review will address any questions or concerns you may have about the platform. We’ll dive deeper into how CDKeys works and why it’s capable of selling at affordable rates.

What Is CDKeys?

CDKeys is an online store where you can not only buy game keys but gift cards as well. Omnyex E-Commerce owns CDKeys, a Dubai-based wholesaler—particularly digital products. As the store’s name implies, the business deals with selling video game CD keys. Of course, several other similar websites sell software keys, but what makes CDKeys different is that it focuses on a particular niche: video games. That being said, you won’t be able to buy skins, in-game currencies, or Windows keys here.

How It All Started

CDKeys has been around since the early 2000s, but it wasn’t until 2013 when the online store became what it is today. We believe 2013 was actually a major year for the serial number reselling industry because CDKeys’s competitors, Kinguin and G2A, also took off during this time. What happened in 2013 for these stores to thrive? We don’t really have an exact reason, but we speculate that it was because of Steam, as the platform started growing sometime in the early 2010s and changing the video game industry.

Because of Steam’s platform, gamers no longer needed to purchase physical copies of their favorite titles. They had the option to purchase video games online instead, which is much more convenient. CDKeys (and other similar websites) was able to benefit from this major change in the industry.

By 2014, CDKeys expanded its store by selling gift cards asides from game keys for PC, PSN, and Xbox Live.

How Does CDKeys Work?

Buying game keys via CDKeys is easy and straightforward. Follow these steps, and you should be good to go:

  1. Before anything else, you need to create a CDKeys account first.
  2. Browse the website for games you may want. Once you’ve found your game of choice, add it to your shopping cart—just like other online stores or retailers.
  3. Checkout your cart and pay for the product.
  4. Successfully do the phone verification.
  5. Once verified, CDKeys will send you the game key through email.
  6. Enter the game key on the specific platform it’s for and install the game. Voila!

Will You Be Buying Directly From the Store?

It’s worth noting that purchasing from CDKeys means you’ll be buying directly from the store itself. This is an important detail to remember because other key resellers like Kinguin and G2A are considered marketplaces. In other words, there are individual sellers who offer software or game keys, and the company itself doesn’t have anything to do with the transactions that take place on their site.

Because of this, there’s a higher chance of scammers and credit card fraud. These chances are significantly reduced with CDKeys because it’s a trustworthy business entity.

Why Are the Games so Affordable?

Literally speaking, the CDKeys website claims that it can sell video game keys at the lowest price possible because the company supposedly buys keys from different regions of the world. Besides, the company has a wide network of suppliers at this point. But behind the scenes, we believe that CDKeys purchases video games in bulk from countries that sell these games at a much lower price.

Then, the company resells these keys at a higher price—just high enough for the game keys to be still considered affordable.

Is This a Legit Business?

Without a doubt, CDKeys is a legit business that does what it’s expected to do. CDKeys has a reputation like no other. And based on CDKeys reviews, it’s clear that many customers are satisfied with the service.


If you’re looking for a reliable website to buy cheap video games from, you should definitely try out CDKeys. Compared to other third-party key resellers, CDKeys has one of the best reputations and services. Plus, you can rest assured that the company itself is the one selling the keys and not random users via a marketplace setup.

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