June 10, 2021

Characteristics to Look for When Shopping Around for Authentic Engagement Rings

One of the most important days of your life is engagement day. It’s a day you will live to cherish. That’s why you need to get the best ring. You need a ring that will make you happy. Here are the biggest characteristics you should look for when shopping around for a good ring.


When purchasing engagement rings, you’ll want to make sure that the diamond cut is perfectly suited to your needs. Cut determines the elegance of a diamond. A ring that features the right cut will be outstandingly beautiful. It will carry exceptional brilliance and sparkle. High-quality cuts will make your diamond shine. However, if the cut isn’t accurate, your diamond ring will look ordinary.


Color is another important aspect. Top-quality diamonds are often colorless and expensive. Of course, you may want to choose other colors, but the truth is that intensely colored diamonds are quite pricey. Colored diamonds are trendy, but they’re often costlier than colorless ones.

Carat Weight

Diamonds are often measured in terms of carats. One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. A variation of 0.15 carats in two diamond rings won’t be noticeable but it’ll significantly change its price.

Thus, when shopping around for a diamond ring, be sure to find a perfect combination of cut grade and carat weight. It’s better to settle for a higher cut grade and a lower carat weight than to opt for an inferior cut grade with greater carat weight.


You’ll also want to consider checking the diamond’s clarity. Diamond is a naturally occurring stone. But it can still have some internal and external flaws. Clarity determines if there are any flaws present on the diamond.

Certain diamonds are flawless whereas others have inclusions on the outer or inner surface. Flawless stones are rare to find. Plus, they’re very expensive. Stones with minimal inclusions are readily available. What this means is that you cant see the inclusions with your naked eyes and the inclusions won’t affect the brilliance of your diamonds.

Right Shape

Diamond rings are available in numerous shapes. So, it’s up to you to choose what best suits your taste and preference. But this shouldn’t be your sole determinant. You’ll also want to check its color, size, and quality.

Most diamond rings are round in shape. However, there are other fancy shapes like marquise, heart, square, oval, and rectangle. Other cutting styles are emerald and radiant cuts. They’re all elegant and stylish.

Band Metal

Choose the right type of metal. Remember, metal affects the overall appearance of your engagement ring. For the past few years, white gold, as well as platinum, have ruled the diamond industry. These metals are sleek and modern in terms of look. Still more, they can blend so nicely with colorless and other colorless ranges. According to the GIAS color scale, these options can give you flawless pieces you can count on during your engagement party. If you want a yellowish appearance, consider setting them in yellow prongs.

Also, you can choose a gold color. In these cases, choose metal prongs or even bezels. They contain yellow gold bands, which is why they create the perfect contrast in your ring. On the other hand, rose gold is the new trend in town. It comes with a warm soothing based appearance.


One of the most common ways of holding an engagement ring is through settings. The purpose of the setting is to highlight the beauty and protect it from any kind of damage. That’s why you should choose the diamond setting when shopping around for your engagement ring. Settings are divided into three types. They include:

  • Prong—This is a diamond that’s based on 4-6 prongs. Remember, prongs are narrow metal-based supports. Solitaire is a ring option where the prongs hold a single stone.
  • Bezel—The send setting style is the bezel. Here, the gem is held in place by a thin metal-based strip. The hammering or pushing of this strip holds the gem in place.
  • Halo—The halo style is the third setting. Here, tiny diamonds are placed around the stone to secure it. It’s important to note that the halo is used to add that extra sparkle into your ring, making it look gigantic.

Select Side Stones

If you want a dazzling way to blend with your dress, think about the side stones. Designed to make you look like you have just arrived from heaven, set stones can add that extra charm to your engagement. They ooze elegance and sophistication. There are different options to consider. Some of the common ones include the pave, diamond baguettes, and colored gems. Whichever option you choose, make sure that it suits your explicit needs. Get your engagement ring store northern virginia today.

Look It Under Several Lighting Conditions

Lighting can make your diamond look fabulous. You can place your diamond ring under different lighting conditions. From daylight, fluorescent lighting, to spotlighting –this lighting condition will make your diamond look very different and classy. A single movement will cause a light reflection of the facets. Consequently, a mesmerizing flash will be produced. Thus, when shopping around for an authentic, classy ring, place it under different lighting conditions and observe how it performs.

Sparkle and Size

If the diamonds contain the same color as well as clarity, the sparkle will; come from the cut. Thus, be sure to select a diamond featuring a GIA cut grade. It should be labeled excellent, very good, etc. Also, select a ring with more diamond., The more the diamond the better the sparkle. After all, you need the sparkle to look stunning during your engagement party. Conduct your research to get a highly sparkling engagement ring.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t choose an engagement ring. Choose the best one. Get a quality ring. Choose an exclusive ring. Go for a ring that will make the day memorable. The above are the biggest characteristics you should look for when shopping around for a good engagement ring.

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