December 20, 2017

Chinese Woman Gets Refund From Apple After Her iPhone X Got Unlocked By Her Colleague Via Face ID

Ever since the Apple’s iPhone X released into the public, issues regarding the working of Face ID are popping out. Many users have been complaining about their iPhone X’s facial recognition feature is not working effectively. The situation has now turned out like, the very first question that people will be asking you when they come across your Apple iPhone X is “how is Face ID working for you?”


Apple has long claimed that the technology behind Face ID is the “most advanced” it has ever created and says that the probability that a random person could successfully use it to unlock your smartphone is approximately 1 in 1,000,000, versus 1 in 50,000 for Touch ID. However, the increasing user complaints across the world suggest otherwise.

Earlier, a security firm reported that it successfully hacked the Apple’s Face ID system through the use of a custom-made mask. Just a few weeks back, a US woman reported that her 10-year-old son has been able to unlock her device with little effort.

In a very recent case, a woman identified as Yan, from Nanjing, China has faced the issue with faulty facial recognition software on her iPhone X. She has been offered a second refund after the face ID on two iPhone X handsets allowed her colleague to unlock them.

chinese-woman-faces-face-id-issue-and-gets-a-refund (1)

The woman told the Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation that despite activating and configuring each phone’s facial recognition software, her co-worker was able to unlock her iPhone X – original as well as the new one Apple gave her as a replacement – on every single attempt.

According to reports, the first time when the issue happened, Yan called the Apple hotline but the support team apparently refused to believe her. Shen then went with her colleague to the nearest Apple store, where her colleague used facial recognition on the phone to demonstrate the issue to staff.

Apple staff at the store said the camera might be faulty and gave Yan a refund, which she used to buy a new iPhone X. However, she faced the same problem with the new replaced iPhone X, prompting the store to offer the second refund, the reports said.

No details were given about whether Yan has bought a third iPhone X with the refund money. Let’s see what Apple has to say on this issue.

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