March 20, 2019

How to Choose A Best SEO Optimized Template for your Blogger Blog


Blogger is a Free Platform which is provided by Google. If you are new to this online world and want to get started with blogging and then we recommend to go through blogger once so that you can get enough idea. Fine ! Lets Create a blog  in blogger and then whats next?

Yes many people will get stuck up in the first step which is Template ( design of blog). If you are not aware what template to choose and How to Select the template, what are the requirements then just go through this article. We explained what things to consider when you are choosing a template for your blogger blog.

One recent Survey confirmed that now a days more then 20% of internet users are from the Mobiles. So If you concentrate only on desktop audience then you are in wrong path. I am not sure whether you understand what I am saying but what I want to covey is that choose a template which is easy to navigate on smart phones, tablets, and all other devices.

One answer for the above question is Responsive and SEO Optimized template.

What is Responsive:

Responsive design means adjusting the design of your site according to the size of screen. If you want to find out whether the template is responsive or not you can use this tool

Recently tech giants Tech Crunch, Mashable are using responsive theme for their site by realizing the importance of mobile traffic.

Loading time :

This is one most important criteria you need to consider while choosing a template. Try to take a template which doesn’t have much Graphics and animations.

If your blog has good loading speed then it can make reader comfortable and helps to spend more time.


Yes ! you can add as many widgets as you want but think once before you do an edit. Is this really required? Is this Professional or not?

Our suggestion is that try to avoid too many widgets and java script on your blog, this inturn increases loading time, speed and makes reader comfortable.

Load on Demand:

If you are a newbie then I am sure you are not aware of this ” Load on Demand” so firstly what is load on Demand?

Load on Demand means conditionally loading scripts. Now a days social media is trending we all know that, but how can we get most advantage of it? If you write a good article then reader always want to share with his friends and fellow bloggers. We can make his work simpler by adding social sharing widgets at the end or starting of our blog post. You are thinking how it is related to load on demand!

As said above now a days most of internet users are active from smart phones and tablets, if you take this into consideration then on these small devices the internet speed is slow when compared  to desktop. If you include social sharing widgets on mobile and tablets it will increase loading time which will makes reader to leave the site 🙁

But if you can make this load on demand script for social sharing widgets then it will be awesome, It just loads the widgets according to screen size and make users navigation easy.

Avoid Third Party widgets and Scripts:

If you are using any third party Scripts, Widgets and Templates which have footer credits ( link to other site ) then you need to stop this right now. What these people do is they will include a do-follow back link to their site. If you add these widgets and templates on your blog you will be loosing a lot of page rank juice which is not SEO friendly.

Don’t try to select the theme which has un removable footer credits, Related post widgets with third part links and even don’t try to add welcome bar which is having external site link in it. More the simple more the advantage for you 🙂

Responsive Menu Bar:

Menu Bar Must be Responsive so that when a visitor lands from a device which is of small resolution, still he can view sufficient content above the fold.

Some more Advantages

  • A Responsive Blogger Template will increase your revenue by 40%.
  • You can use Responsive Google Ads and these ads will also be shown to mobile users as well. The default mobile version template doesn’t show Google Ads or Ads of other networks.
  • So, implementing Responsive Design should boost your income by 40%.
  • One more best thing which I noticed in the past few days is that the CPC from Mobile Devices is much higher than the normal CPC.
  • I also made the Menu Bar Responsive, so if some visitors land from a device which is of small resolution still he can view sufficient content above the fold.

So Now its your turn to choose one Best and Highly advanced SEO Blogger template by considering the above factors !

Here we made your work much simpler by providing our own customized  Advanced SEO and responsive blogger template for free without footer link in it!

Check here and download the All Tech Buzz most advanced Responsive and SEO optimized template for free which has above all features.


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