August 29, 2018

Cisco CCNA Data Center 200-150 Exam – Where and How to Get the Relevant Study Material?

Most of the IT Professionals need some certifications to prove their credibility in the IT World. There are a lot of certifications available. Some of the best and the most important certifications are given by Cisco. Cisco is one of the biggest IT brand in the world which provides products and services to the other companies as well as runs a learning center where the candidates can apply for the best certificates.

One of the certifications is the CCNA Data Center Certification for all the IT Networking Professionals. This certification can only be obtained by passing the 200-150 (DCICN) and 200-155 (DCICT) exam by Cisco. This exam is a perfect test for the skills of the candidates who want to be Cisco certified individuals.

One of the biggest problems that most of the applicants face is that they do not get the appropriate study material and nor do they know where and how to get it. In this article, we have created a detailed description of all the things that a candidate needs to know about Cisco 200-150 Exam. We will also explain about the available study material and how can you get it easy to prepare.

What Is Cisco 200-150 Exam?

Cisco 200-150 Exam is the test that lets the candidates towards becoming a Cisco Certified Network Engineer. In order to get CCNA Data Center certification you need to clear 200-150 exam then 200-155 will be the next. In exam 200-150, the ability of the candidate is tested with the help of a question paper that has to be solved in a set period of time.

Some Other Things You Should Know About 200-150 Exam

Cisco 200-150 Exam Pattern

The candidates will get 55-65 questions that they will have to solve within a time period of 90 minutes. These questions are all objective type which will have one or more than one answers. The candidates will be giving their exams in the Cisco Test Centers.

200-150 Exam Cost

The candidates will be asked to pay a fee of $300 USD to register themselves for this exam. The fee can vary from country to country depending on the currency. Every time the candidate will attempt to give this exam, they will have to pay the price.

Syllabus &200-150 Exam Related Topics

A lot of skills are checked when the candidate gives this exam. There are 5 major topics that are asked in the exam. These topics have sub-topics which also have to be studied. The topics are as follows:

  1. Data center physical infrastructure
  2. Basic data center network concepts
  3. Advanced data center networking concepts
  4. Basic data center storage
  5. Advanced data center storage.

The candidates can download the entire syllabus from the website in PDF format.

Who Should Give

 The Cisco 200-150 exam is targeted towards networking professionals such as Datacenter engineer’s network administrators, system administrators, network engineers, system engineers and network designers. However, this exam can also be given by other professionals who have enough knowledge in this field.

What are Available Study Sources?

Let us come to the main part of this article, the study material. The first thing is where to get the study material from? So, to get the study material, you do not have to search high and low; you will get it all on the Cisco website or If you open the page with the exam information, scrolling down will lead you to the available learning resources that Cisco provides you with. If you are still confused, you can search it on PrepAway and you will get the best learning resources available. It will surely work for you, however, you can go to the nearest bookshop and ask them for the preparation guide for 200-150 and you will have all your study material in your hand.

The next thing is what study material or course type from PrepAway you should pick. The study material and course depends on the time you have and the money you are ready to spend for it. If you have to stay under a budget, self-help by reading the books and other course material is your best option.

The next option is e-learning provided by Cisco. Note that this course will cost you anywhere around $1500, so if you have some extra money and want to invest in your studies, this is the course you should opt for.

The next is instructor-led training. You can either go for the normal classrooms or virtual classrooms. Both of these will come with a fee that you will need to pay at the time of joining.

Lastly, the study material every candidate should have is the Practice Papers. When you have completed your course, you want to check yourself and want to understand how much you have succeeded. So, you should make a habit of regularly solving the practice papers. After solving the paper, evaluate your score and write your weaknesses down. Work on them for a few days and take the paper again.

To Sum Up

Cisco Data Center Networking Certification is a must in most of the job profiles of the IT Professionals. This certification will give you a lot of job opportunities and will also help you land some big job offers. If you are up for a promotion, getting this certification will surely get you some votes in your favour. The only condition is that you need to have knowledge. If you do not have enough knowledge of Networking and Cisco tools, it will be really difficult for you to get this certificate. Hence it is very important that you spend some time working for a company that will provide you with the knowledge and some experience. Then buy the study material from legit sources and start preparing for this exam.

We say that you should buy study material from legit sources because there are a lot of websites selling fake study material to the students which need to be avoided at all costs. With some hard work, understanding and practice, you will be able to crack this paper easily.


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