May 25, 2021

CocoFinder Review: The Best Employment Background Check Service

Employees are the soul of any organization and have a direct effect on its progress level. Getting the right employees ensures better management, reduces fraud risk, and even eliminates breach possibilities. Make a minor mistake, and your business becomes an easy target.

And considering you don’t want to take a risk for this part, a background check is a must. It will ensure that you can rely on your employer and trust them with confidential information. The background check using a reliable app makes sure you know if the person has a criminal record.

But of course, for that, you will need a tool powerful enough to scan through their whole history. This article will review one of the top tools for this, CocoFinder, and the different employment information lookup methods that it offers.

What is CocoFinder?

As stated above, CocoFinder is an employment background checking service. It’s like a search engine like google. Just this engine finds people and their backgrounds. You can use it to run background tests on anyone using the platform without going through large databases.

And you don’t need much to use it, just the name and some minor details of the person will do the job. Here’s the full review of the tool, along with all its pros and cons.


The CocoFinder is full of features and is in many ways better than many other tools. Its pros include:

User Interface

CocoFinder’s user interface is low profile and precise. There are no distractions, excessive colors, or clutter. It’s also effortless to navigate and fairly clear.

There’s a simple search bar with options for search type and a search button. The website also presents a set of FAQs and instructions with simple wording for the users.

And the best part is that the platform is completely free to use. Therefore, you don’t have any unnecessary ads and trap baits on the page.


The simple interface may fool you into thinking less of the tool but don’t. CocoFinder is more powerful than most finder applications. CocoFinder sources its data from more than just the public file for this purpose. It includes criminal data, third-party data, and even social media files for enhancing your search results.

In simpler words, every bit of data on the platform is pretty accurate. You can completely rely on it for full clarity on the background of the person you are searching for. CocoFinder also provides a compressive detail, including their address, alternative phone number, and more to clarify every doubt of yours.

Additional Tools

The background checking option is not the only background search tool in CocoFinder. There are click buttons above the search button for selecting the tool type.

There are options for reverse phone number lookup, people search, address lookup, and white pages. There are enough tools to find someone with just their basic details or their phone number.

Details Available

CocoFinder does not focus on one particular aspect of a person. It provides a 360 report that includes all their details. You can use it to find/confirm the date of births, court cases, contact numbers, addresses, arrest records, and criminal data.

The platform can also help you to find out about the employee’s acquaintances and job history. It even has data about traffic tickets the person had in the past.

Signup And Payments

The best part about the background finder tool is that it’s free. The tool does not need any credit card details, membership, subscription, or payment to work. It doesn’t even need you to sign up or on the platform.

Simply open the tool, fill in the available details, hit the search button, and you have the report.


CocoFinder database is a combination of multiple databases from different sources. And each of them is legit and legal. You won’t have to worry about any legal issues while using the tool or its data.

Moreover, the platform maintains confidentiality. Your searches are safe and anonymous. Nobody will know about them.


The part making CocoFinder the best tool is its credibility. It offers you a large database with completely legit information. The platform considers every minor and major record to provide a wholesome report.

Its database includes criminal records, court verdicts, social media platforms, and every other informational source. It will never miss any detail that establishes the person’s background.

Moreover, CocoFinder does not employ fake marketing tricks to trap users. The data is non-tempered and completely reliable.


While the chances of troubles in CocoFinder are rare, the team is prepared for anything. You can contact them for any query or support.

You can also connect with them for support on your available information. For instance, if there is something wrong, or you simply want to get it removed.


While CocoFinder has many pros, the list of cons is minimal. There are no real cons. The closest to one is its search time.

The app has an extensive database, and it takes time to browse it for information. You may have to wait for a minute or two before getting results. The internet speed may also play a role here.

However, the waiting period is still lower than the general app and tools that do background searches. Moreover, for the amount of information you are getting, the wait is worth it.

Final Words

CocoFinder is an extremely good and reliable app for knowing your employers. It lets you find every minor detail about them that affects their trustability. You can use it to find credibility, behavior, past activities, and social media platforms. And you also get additional employment information lookup methods to ensure precise reports.

The best part, you don’t have to pay a penny for their background tests. There is no signup, no disturbing ads, or complicated processing. Simply fill in the details, click the search button, and that’s it. You have the details you need.

So, you will never have to run in blind with your employees again. You will know exactly the type of person he/she is and whether you should share confidential data with them or not.

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