November 8, 2019

Complete JavaScript developer salary data

Just like CSS and HTML, JavaScript is also considered to be the best language used for web development globally. For a better understanding, JavaScript is a programming language that adds interactivity to a web page. Since JavaScript is top-rated on the programming languages, a question may arise, what is the average JavaScript developer salary?

To understand better the matter, we are going to analyze what a JavaScript developer salary is and compare the values globally. In this article, we will analyze the following topics.

  • Role of a JavaScript developer.
  • The demand for JavaScript developers.
  • JavaScript developer salaries according to location
  • JavaScript developer salaries based on years of experience
  • JavaScript developer salaries based on how big a company is

The role of JavaScript developer

JavaScript developers work hand in hand with users and the management in a company to meet their needs and make changes through customization, design, and implementation of new features. To be a professional JavaScript developer, a person needs to have a better understanding of front-end JavaScript development and must have MySQL, programming in Perl, and Python.

JavaScript developers are answerable to a senior web development manager who collaborates with members within digital marketing, web designers, backend developers, and assigned marketing partners.

To achieve all the work described above, JavaScript developers are supposed to have adequate knowledge in the following areas:

Adequate knowledge of CSS3 and HTML5

Must know native JavaScript in ES6, ES5, and browser compatibility issues.

Must have experience in Angular, Vue, or React.

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The demand for JavaScript developers

From the descriptions above, a person will realize that JavaScript developer is among the top-rated in the world of programming languages globally. According to Devskiller 2019 report, on emerging trends, they noted that 70% of companies are searching for JavaScript developers. This shows how much these skills are top-rated.

In another research by HackerRank, they analyzed and concluded that the demand for JavaScript developers goes beyond the professionals available in the field. According to their analysis, 48% of companies search for JavaScript gurus yet only 42% of the students are well-off in the area. What does this simply imply? Well, if you are hoping to take JavaScript as a career, do not hesitate. Take the chance and join the world’s most needed expertise and join other developers in the same field.

JavaScript Salaries According to Location.

Up to this point, you have realized how JavaScript development is a technical subject that requires a lot of professionalism. You have also realized how to demand a career is. This leads to a question, how much are professional JavaScript developers paid? According to Indeed, the following are the figures that developers earn on a yearly basis worldwide. In the United States, average developers take around $111,069 yearly according to Indeed. Germany developers take €58,108 yearly according to Glassdoor. In India, they are paid ₹ 5,18,875 yearly according to Indeed, the United Kingdom takes home £49,001 yearly according to Indeed. In Australia, they are paid $112, 229 yearly according to Indeed, and South Africa a total of R 472 710 while in Canada their salary is $82, 786 according to Indeed.

The figures above represent the amount a JavaScript developer earns according to the place or location where they live. On the next one, we shall go through the salaries that JavaScript developers earn based on their level of experience.

JavaScript salaries based on years of experience

Trends with most careers are that the more experienced a person is, the more they gain more experience, hence they earn more. The following figures are the salary analysis based in the United States relating to how experienced a JavaScript developer is according to PayScale.

For the developers who are just starting off, for a period of less than a year, they earn about $62,973 yearly. The ones who have gained a bit of experience in the industry like within a period of 4 years earn at least $70,022 yearly. Developers with at least 9 years of experience earn $87,281 while those with experience of at least 19 years earn $102,697. From the trends above, it is evident that the more a person has the experience, the more they earn more. JavaScript developers of more than 20 years of experience get at least $ 113,274 on a yearly basis.

JavaScript developer salaries based on company size

According to Payscale, it is evident that the size of a company has a direct impact on the salary that developers earn in the United States. The following figures show how big a company is and how much a JavaScript developer earns.

A company with the utmost 9 employees pays its developers $73,202 while a company with 10-49 employees pays it, developers, $72,081. A growing company with utmost 199 employees get paid $78,114 while the one with a maximum number of employees being 599 is $81,377. A medium-sized company with a maximum number of employees being 1,999 earns about $84,838. A company with a number of employees that range between 5,000 and 19,999 earn around $89,866. A company with 20,000-49,999 employees pay their developers $88,860 while a company having more than 50,000 employees pay the developers $ 88,650

From the above analysis, you will notice that large companies with more employees tend to pay their JavaScript developers quite high unlike the ones with fewer employees.

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