December 18, 2021

Consuming Cannabis for a Healthy Sex Life

Cannabis consumption after years has reached a stage where it is no longer an activity that is looked down upon. Nobody raises an odd eyebrow when the topic of marijuana is touched upon in a casual conversation. This represents a truly magnificent transformation in the mindset of the people who had previously been harsh critics of the practice of consuming weed.

Since the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and its derivatives remain undefeated and unrivaled, it is foolish to not consider it to achieve many desired health benefits in our lives. This brings us to the topic of discussion of consuming cannabis for healthy sex life. We all know many sexually intimate stories of our friends that hints at how having sex when “high” is truly life-changing. But how true is this statement? Let’s find out.

How Does Cannabis Improve Sex Life?

Now that we know that marijuana indeed is rather helpful in enhancing sexual pleasure, what are the exact symptoms which it improves upon in the individuals? Well, marijuana is believed to directly attack the vulnerable parts that most commonly trouble people during sex. In particular, it works to relieve people of sex-induced anxiety, heighten the senses for amplified pleasure and lower the pain and inflammation which is often associated with the act itself.

Enhancement of the quality of your sexual health is sure to positively affect your physical and mental health. Good sex is then without a doubt directly associated with a healthy lifestyle. Let’s further highlight how exactly each of these symptoms finds its relief through the use of marijuana.

Helps to Get Rid of Sex-Induced Anxiety

One of the most common problems that distinguish the act of sex from any other bodily function is a pleasure. When the person reaches climax, the release of feel-good hormones in the mind disperses all forms of everyday stress and worry making them feel on top of the world (figuratively, of course). However, nobody really addresses the anxiety that hits the person before the actual act of sex.

There is a lot of stress that is associated merely with the simple thought of having sex. Having sex with someone is such an intimate act that leaves the person all bare in front of the other. For the people who overthink and stress often, this is one of the scariest things they could ever imagine. This is why there are many ways for these anxiety-riddled people to consume marijuana to help them make the act a little easier for them.

In fact, a patient can consult a doctor about this anxiety by getting to know how to get a medical card online. Under the expert guidance of a doctor, a person can easily open up their thoughts on the matter to know how exactly to rid themselves of the fear that comes attached to it. People can make use of whatever strain that suits them the most, be it high in CBD or THC as per the word of their doctor. It is time to stop fearing the act, and start to enjoy it.

Heightens the Senses for Greater Pleasure

Do you know the tingles that you feel in the body whenever your senses reach the highest point possible? That state that makes your brain go mush and your body all slack? To enjoy that stage often and for longer durations of time, just after sex, is quite possible with the help of marijuana. Marijuana expands the body’s ability to not only enjoy sex for long but also experience it optimally.

Fun fact, marijuana actually amplifies everything when you’re under the influence. It gets your creative juices flowing, it spurts a lot of energy in your body and makes you enjoy it with just a push in the right direction. For this, there are many products in the market that a person can make use of. From special oils, tinctures, balms, creams to shots, smokes, and drinks, the list of products available is endless.

An amateur can start from the lowest dose possible and work their way up to experience that pinnacle of bursting pleasure that only good sex can instigate in your body.

Lowers Pain and Inflammation

As we’re well aware of the special property of cannabis to reduce pain and inflammation, it is not a strange phenomenon that it might help people in getting rid of the pain and inflammation symptoms that are often associated with sex. For women, in particular, sex is painful. There are many studies that attest to this phenomenon of women experiencing excruciating pain during and after sexual intercourse.

Since marijuana closely works on the endocannabinoid receptors inside our bodies, it can null these CB1 and CB2 receptors working to effectively reduce pain for the simple enjoyment of the act of sex. Sexual satisfaction is important for all who engage in the activity because sex is not just a means of procreation. It is a means of enjoying life for better and for worse.

Special Cannabis Strains That Can Boost Your Sex Life

For people seeking their rightful pleasure, here is a list of special cannabis strains that can help you achieve it. Consulting a health professional before the usage is a given.

  • OG Kush (for boosting libido)
  • Do-Si-Dos (for boosting libido)
  • Green Crack (for a boost of energy)
  • Jack Herer (for sex induced stress relief)
  • Grandaddy Purple (for enhancing the pleasure)
  • Zkittlez (for pain and inflammation relief)

Bottom Line

If you’re taking the help of cannabis to reach that state of ecstasy that is attached to the act of sex, be proud. People are still living in an era where they treat sex as a taboo that should not be brought to the limelight even when they’re suffering from many problems associated with it. There are so many cases where women are not able to reach their climax but the issue doesn’t go beyond the four walls of their rooms. This has to stop. Sex provides pleasure that promotes both physical and mental wellness.

It isn’t a choice but a need and should be treated and addressed normally as any of the other bodily needs are.

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