December 1, 2020

Contact Lenses VS. Eye Glasses – Which One Is Better?

Going on a date while wearing your glasses might not seem an appealing idea. We totally understand the urge just to throw away your glasses or fix your eyes, so you don’t have to keep fixing your frame on the bridge of your nose all the time.

The struggle is real, and indeed, there is no proven exercise or food that can help your vision.’ How to improve vision?’ is one of the most asked questions on the internet today, and even after hundreds and thousands of online blogs and articles, sadly, there is no proven way that can help you out with your vision issues.

Certain treatments can surely help you, such as contact lenses: view here; however, if you are not ready to undergo a medical procedure, you will have to live with your existing eye condition.

There are various options today such as contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. But before you consider wearing contact lenses, you should know all about them to make the right decision. There are times when eyeglasses are a better option, such as when going fishing. You can find best polarized sunglasses for fishing here. Other times, contact lenses have an edge. Let’s look into the comparison a bit in detail.


Putting on eyeglasses is easier than wearing contact lenses. You just have to put on a frame, and voila.

Prescription glasses help a lot with eye-sight issues., Also, you can easily update your eyeglasses if you feel even a slight change in your eyesight.

Glasses make a good fashion accessory. You can find all the trendy and retro and cool eyeglasses frames at

Contact Lenses

The good part is that wearing contact lenses allows you to keep your vision issues secret. You never have to disclose why you are wearing them. It is just another fashion accessory that you can access – vision issues, or not.

To be more precise, vision quality is better in contact lenses as compared to eyeglasses. It might be because eyeglasses are placed in front of your eyes and not in your eyes.

The good news is that contact lenses don’t fog up; neither do they collect raindrops that can lead to blurry vision.

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Glasses vs. Contact Lenses – How To Take The Perfect Care?

If you are still unable to decide whether you want to stick with eyeglasses or shift to contact lenses, maybe learning about their care can help you make the decision.

Simply to say, eyeglasses must be kept clean all day. You can use a solution that is specifically made for their cleaning and use a soft cloth to wipe them.

When it comes to contact lenses, they also require a solution that helps to keep them clean and useable.

The FDA recommends putting your lens in your palm, pour a few drops of solution on it, and gently rub them using your index finger. It helps to clean the lens efficiently. Even if you are using a ‘no-rub’ solution, you can do the rubbing for the sake of your eyes. Use a back and forth motion to rub your lens for a few seconds, then apply them to your eyes or put them back in the lens kit.

Every time, use a fresh solution. It is better not to reuse the solution more than one time. Even if you are not wearing lenses, you should check and change the solution in the kit regularly. This cleaning process will only take one to two minutes so there is not much to do.

When it comes to your eyes, you don’t want to take risks, right? So yeah, clean your eyeglasses or lenses before and after every use. This way, you can prevent a lot of eye infections and irritations.

Why Not Use Both?

If you just can’t make a decision between glasses or contact lenses, why don’t you have both? A lot of people are doing exactly that now. There might be occasions when either lenses or glasses suit your look and situation. If you’re spending a lot of time staring at the screen, glasses will help avoid the optical eye train that contact lens wearers sometimes face. Or maybe you’re playing sports, and you know that glasses aren’t the right choice.

The good tip is to use both and just have the perfect understanding of which one you need to wear according to the situation and event.

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