May 29, 2018

Cool & Best TBH Posts and Pictures For Instagram, Tumblr

The inception of smartphones made a lot of changes in the world. The usage of the internet gradually increased and many new words, phrases evolved through them. Usually, they are written down or better to say pexted which means penned during texting. Over the time, the words became so popular that they were included in dictionaries. ‘Selfie’ is one such word that turned out to be the word of the year for Oxford Dictionary.


Some people think that the Internet is influencing the language as new words are evolving and some are even changing the meanings of old words. In the same way, TBH is one such word that has undergone a transformation on social media. Credits to the youth who are using it in different ways. Now, there is one thing that flows in your mind is ‘What does TBH mean in texting?’

Before we go to our best collection of Cool TBH posts and pictures, let us discuss a bit about TBH, for those all who don’t know what it means. TBH has become a very popular term. Forget other social networks; you will find billions of posts with the #TBH if you search on Facebook alone.

What is TBH?

Tbh is an acronym which stands for ‘To Be Honest’. The term was first used on Facebook in 2011 and eventually gone viral with millions of people posting the Facebook status “Like for a TBH” or “Comment for a TBH”. It is also used on Instagram and Tumblr. Using, To Be Honest, is lengthy and has become old-fashioned, while TBH is short and sounds catchy as well. Best Instagram captions for friends.

TBH Pictures and Posts5

Basically, this meant that anyone who liked or commented on the Facebook status would get a post on their wall or inbox with the honest opinion of what the person who posted the status thought of them. People widely use it in chats with friends, colleagues, partners or any person with whom one want to get closer. It helps in expressing something you honestly feel.

The users started posting TBH photos and posts instead of statuses. There are many variations of this phenomenon such as TBH and rate or TBH, rate and date, and even the best feature thrown in there every now and then. However new variations are being invented every day, keeping things fresh. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say TBH posts are here to stay.

TBH Pictures:

TBH Pictures and Posts6

TBH Pictures and Posts10

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TBH Pictures and Posts

TBH Pictures and Posts12

TBH Pictures and Posts8

TBH and Rate/Date:

TBH Pictures and Posts2

TBH Pictures and Posts3

TBH Pictures and Posts4

TBH Pictures and Posts13

TBH Pictures and Posts11

TBH Pictures and Posts8

The list of expressions relating to an honest opinion:

  • 2BH stands for, to be honest.
  • IHDK stands for I honestly don’t know.
  • TBQH stands for to be quite honest.
  • TBTH stands for to be totally honest.
  • IMAHO stands for in my absolutely honest opinion.
  • TBBH stands for to be brutally honest.
  • TBPH stands for to be completely honest.
  • JBH stands for just being honest.
  • LBH stands for let’s be honest and loser back home.
  • MHO stands for my honest opinion.

Gone are the days when TBH was a sarcastic remark for saying something witty that you’re about to make it clear. The internet users have made it a way of complementing and establishing a connection.

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