May 3, 2023

Could blockchain be your next big career choice?

The blockchain market is well and alive, even after a continuous streak of declining crypto prices, known as the crypto winter. Interestingly, the prospects for pursuing a career in blockchain are more clearly evident than ever. How? Blockchain-based solutions such as DeFi and NFT assets have gained momentum. New career options in the blockchain space can be quite confusing for beginners.

At the same time, it is also important to look at the advantages of career development in the domain of blockchain. The career opportunities in blockchain have been grabbing the attention of professionals aspiring for different technical and non-technical roles. The following post helps you determine whether a blockchain career is the right choice for your future.

Does Blockchain Have a Future?

One of the most common questions you would come across in discussions about career development choices in blockchain would focus on job security. Why should you pursue a career in blockchain? In addition, questions such as “Will blockchain be in demand in the future?” crate doubts in the minds of beginners seeking blockchain job opportunities. Let us take a look at some of the statistics about blockchain market to clear your doubts.

The global blockchain industry could achieve a market capitalization worth almost $164 billion in 2029. With almost 10% of the worldwide population having ownership of cryptocurrencies, it is reasonable to think of other potential applications of blockchain. Interestingly, the applications of blockchain in healthcare would build a market worth $230 million by 2023. On top of it, the potential of blockchain technology to contribute almost $1.76 trillion to the global GDP by 2030 suggest a valid reason for growing demand for blockchain professionals.

Use Cases of Blockchain in Different Sectors

The statistics about blockchain provide an effective explanation for your doubts regarding the future of blockchain technology. In addition, you must also note that blockchain is the driving force behind Web3, the next generation of the internet. Web3 offers a new approach to internet experiences by introducing decentralization and cryptographic security. Is it possible to ignore solutions such as DeFi, metaverse, play-to-earn games, and NFTs? No.

Apart from the potential of blockchain for creating the Web3 ecosystem, the applications of blockchain in different industries also provide the foundation for many job opportunities. The discussions about blockchain developer future prospects in 2023 would reflect on the possibilities for employment in different industries. Here is an outline of the use cases of blockchain in different sectors.

  • Blockchain can facilitate international payments, trade finance, money laundering protection, and improvements in insurance.
  • In the domain of business, blockchain applications spread across healthcare record management, supply chain management, and media.
  • Blockchain use cases in governance include voting mechanisms, taxes, compliance, record management, and identity management.

The favorable highlights in a blockchain developer roadmap would also reflect the involvement of big tech companies. For example, Google provides the Blockchain Node Engine to offer a comprehensive solution for managing blockchain nodes.

How Can You Become Blockchain Professional?

The potential of blockchain cannot be mapped within the boundaries of a few words. You need to learn about blockchain fundamentals and its important traits for beginning your career in blockchain. However, you must know about the career opportunities in blockchain to make the right choice. Some of the most common career roles for blockchain professionals include,

  • Blockchain developers
  • Blockchain solution architects
  • Project managers
  • UX designers
  • Quality engineers
  • Legal consultants

The most popular career role in the blockchain space is that of a blockchain developer. Blockchain developers can earn average annual salaries ranging between $110,000 and $240,000. You can become a blockchain developer by pursuing the required training courses and certifications from credible providers.

A certified blockchain expert has a better chance of becoming a blockchain developer future organization would give anything for. You must utilize a certification to boost your blockchain career with tangible proof of your expertise. The certification can help you prove that you are committed to learning blockchain and its applications. Most importantly, certifications test an expert’s capabilities in different areas of blockchain-based applications. In addition, certifications can provide effective instruments for long-term career development.


The insights regarding future of blockchain with rising adoption of Web3 use cases provide many career opportunities for blockchain professionals. You can find job opportunities as blockchain professionals in different sectors, including banking, healthcare, and business. In addition, new Web3 projects can also open up job vacancies for blockchain professionals.

However, choosing the right training resources and certifications for learning and validating your blockchain skills is important. You must choose your blockchain career objectives carefully and choose the required learning materials for improving your skills for blockchain job responsibilities. Subsequently, you can expand your skills and knowledge by diving into other areas of blockchain technology, such as security, architecture, and web3. Find some of the most effective blockchain certifications and training courses now.

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