July 16, 2016

32 Epic and Creative Life Hacks Every Human Should Know That Make Life Easier

We are living in a world where technology is getting advanced day-by-day in a rapid way. Everyone wishes to make life easier in their everyday practices without wasting our precious time. Life is chock-full of tiny problems that have no clear solutions. Sometimes, we come across some silly problems that could be fixed in a clever, expeditious, and modest ways without spending a single penny.

It’s not a big deal that you have to use two Band-Aids when you cut your fingertip, or that you can’t play Candy Crush on your phone while you pump propellant. Want to learn some smart and simple life hacks that are easy to do, inexpensive and saves you time? You can follow these life hacks to lead a creative and unique life by tweaking little things. Check out these 32 most epically easy and creative life hacks that makes your life much easier in a comfortable style. Enjoy!!

1. Use Post-it Notes to Clean the Crap and Fluff out of your Keyboard.

Life Hacks

2. Don’t have a sprinkler? Punch holes in a soda bottle and slide in your Lawn.

Easy Life Hacks

3. Small kitchen? Cutting boards and drawers work wonders.

Creative Life Hacks

4. Clear Nail Polish will keep your Buttons from Falling off.

30 Life Hacks

5. Enhance the efficiency of your Sandwich.

Sandwich technique

6. Use Bobby Pins to Get Every Last Bit of ToothPaste out.

Life Hacks that makes Life easier

7. No More Tangle!

Crazy Life Hacks

8. Bread Clips could Restore Broken Flip-Flops.

Great Life Hacks

9. A Curse Without Being Corrected.

Easy Life Hacks to make Life Easier

10. Keep your Phone Charger from Getting Tangled up By Wrapping it in colorful Embroidery Floss.

Simple Life Hacks

11. Visa Gift Cards Work for Free Trials on a Website.

Visa gift cards

12. Hide Emergency Money in a Chapstick Tube while Traveling.

Best Life Hacks

13. Cut Herbs with Scissors in a Shot Glass & Roll them in your Meal with Ease.

Easy to use Life Hacks

14. Poke Holes in the Top of a Coffee Lid if you want your Beverage to Cool down Faster.

Holes on top of Coffee lid

15. Never waste the Nutella.


16. Really Strong Password, Isn’t it?


17. Use Shower Caps to Keep your Shoes Separate from your Clothes in a Suitcase.

Shoes in Suitcase

18. Play with your iPhone while you Pump Gas.

HandsFree Gas Pumping

19. Repurpose A Towel Rack Into A Lid Rack

Lid Racker

20. Have your Cheesy Snacks by your computer with Chopsticks. You won’t get your Keyboard Dirty.

Eat snacks with chopsticks

21. Don’t hurt your Thumbs when hammering nails into the wall. Hold them in point with a Comb.

Life Hacks 33

22. To Hang Something with an exact hole, Photocopy the Back & Use As a Template.


23. Forks and Oreos Make Happy Fingers.


24. If you Plan on Drinking in Public, Don’t get Caught.


25. Use a Hair Clip to Organize Tangled Wires.

Hair Clips for long wires

26. Pick Up Your Favorite Attire With Much Ease.


27. Use Your Hair Straighteners As Collar Irons!

Collar Irons

28. How to Multiply Large Numbers? Here’s the Trick..!

Multiply Large Numbers

29. Pretty Easy!!

Stem of Strawberries

30. Quick & Easy iPhone Speaker.

iPhone Speaker

31. Good idea!

32. Turn a Plastic Bottle Into a Charging Station!


Amazing Life Hacks, right?! Which of these life hacks do you have to try ASAP?

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Imran Uddin

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