October 16, 2022

Creative social media video ideas for your business

The sudden change in the dynamics of content creation is something to behold. Before, video content wasn’t a thing, but today the case is different. Businesses and creatives alike have started integrating video content into their marketing strategy.

Video content can easily be used to catch the attention of people. It also can help businesses better explain their services and products to their customers and potential customers. However, creating video content for your social media platforms takes a lot of creativity. But in the end, It is still a gold mine to dig gold from.

The following are the different kinds of video content you can create for your social media:

Interview videos

Making interview videos is one way to make video content for your page. You can decide to create these videos with the press or, better still, ask a group of workers to carry out this Q & A. Answering questions about your products will give your followers a better understanding of your business.

You can decide to make these interview videos long or short, depending on the social media platform you want to post them on.

Did you know you can even drop teasers of these interview videos and ask your followers to anticipate it? It is also very easy to get more traffic if you drop links to other social platforms. For example, you post a short clip of this interview on your Instagram and link to your YouTube page, where the full videos can be watched. You can even do this to water the ground to see people’s reactions towards it through your Instagram views and comments.

Lastly, to make it more exciting, you can decide to make this interview live by using the live tools on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. You can allow your followers to join the live sessions and answer their questions to make it more interactive.

Giveaway/Challenge videos

Creating a competition where you give out prizes to your followers is an excellent way to get engagement. This competition can be hosted on any social network. All you have to do is ask your followers to participate, but don’t forget to add conditions for winning. For example, you can ask people to follow your page or tag your account on their entry videos.

Using giveaway videos can help increase your brand exposure, as other non-followers will want to participate in it. It also improves your relationship with your followers. You can decide to give money or your product as prizes to the winners. If you are going to do the giveaway on Instagram, you can use this trick of buying Instagram views to make people want to participate in the contest.

You can also create video content to announce the winners to make it fun. But ensure that the giveaway contents are fair and there’s no cheating.

Tutorial videos

Giving followers a step-by-step guide in a video format can help bring engagement. Telling your followers how to use your products and services through videos can be very helpful.

Not everyone will understand how to use a particular product or how best to manage the development. Hence, making a tutorial video will give a better insight into how to use your products and make them last longer.

The tutorial video should have an in-depth explanation of what to do. Yes, it is a tutorial video, but it doesn’t mean it should be boring. You might have to make the videos long, but also ensure they are informative. Try to make jokes and add some memes to your videos because people quickly lose interest.


You can create a behind the scenes video content for your social media page. Giving your followers a glimpse of your business’s day-to-day running establishes a bond between you and your followers.

You can do this by posting videos of your workplace, videos of team members, and even production processes. You can even drop behind-the-scenes videos of products that are in the making. All this helps your followers better understand your thought process for your products. They get to learn about your company’s culture and also your values as a business.

Live videos

This feature is a no-brainer, having to be able to make real-time videos where your followers can join in and see what you are doing live. It allows them to see everything about your business life even though it’s not in person.

Businesses can use this tool to broadcast live seminars, announcements, conferences, etc. it is also an excellent tool to help drive organic traffic to your page.

Many companies used this strategy during the pandemic to keep in close contact with their followers. Even celebrities use this strategy to keep in touch with their fans. Relationships between followers and businesses can even grow more through this process.

For it to work, you must tell your followers about the live video beforehand. You wouldn’t host a live video with just a handful of followers participating, would you?

Products Ads

If you want more product sales, this should be topping your list. How else can you drive sales? Or make more profit? Well, here is the answer to your questions.

Creating product ads can bring significant traffic and sales to your business. It helps to pass information across faster when you use it. By creating a video, you can tell a story about your product, how it benefits your followers, and what they stand to gain from using it.

User-generated content

Another strategy that you can use to create video content for your social media is UGC. It entails you using content that other users create for your business. It is very cost-effective, and you don’t have to spend much on this strategy.

This strategy will help create brand awareness for your business. It would also show the authenticity of your company which leads to more traffic and trust from your followers. Not only that, it substantially impacts your customers’ decision-making.

How can you go about this?

  1. You can start by making a unique hashtag that relates to your business.
  2. Read reviews about your products from followers or customers.
  3. Search for content where your company is tagged and mentioned.
  4. Lastly, you can create daily posts and video challenges for your business.

To avoid losing your credibility, try as much as possible to always repost or ask for permission before using user-generated content. It will even inspire such users to make more content for your business.

Do not try to steal another person’s work. It would give a bad reputation to your business. And you wouldn’t want this to be the case.


Working with influencers in your niche to make review videos of your products is brilliant. Reviews give your brand more exposure and also assure your followers.

However, you also have to ensure that the influencer works in the line of your business. You wouldn’t want to ask a fitness influencer to give a review about your skin care products. It won’t make any sense.

Again, ensure that your review videos are short and funny. You can also add some aesthetics to the videos to keep them captivating and pleasing.

Announcement videos

Using video content to make announcements like product releases is an excellent way to bring engagement to your page. The announcement videos should be short and exciting for your followers. It will spark interest in them to want to purchase such a product. Ensure that this announcement video passes a message and it’s not dull.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos, also known as educational marketing videos, are designed to demonstrate your knowledge on all topics about your business. They may be related to a service, product, or a fascinating topic you want your customers to learn about.

The explainer video’s goal is to pass a message to your followers. It is almost similar to tutorial videos, only that this is used for marketing purposes.

These are the many video contents you can create for your social media page. But that’s not all. Are you in a hurry to stop reading? Common now, you still need some tips to consider when making your video content.

Use high-quality footage: when creating video content, ensure that the videos are clean and high-quality. You wouldn’t want to make your followers strain their eyes. Low-quality videos can make your followers lose interest quickly.

Short videos: Try to make your video content as straightforward as possible. People get bored very fast watching longer videos. Also, some social media have a certain number of seconds a video can play on their platform.

Attention: one of the primary purposes of making this video content is to get your followers’ attention. Try as much as possible to make your videos interesting and informative.

Add captions

Add captions to your videos to make it easy for your followers to understand the information you are trying to pass.

Be creative: Try to be creative as possible; you can decide to add gifs, memes, quotes, etc., when making your video content. You also have to pass the message in a fun and exciting way.

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