July 12, 2016

Crystalusion: Liquid Glass Protection For Gadgets-Smart Protection

Smartphones are always fascinating the users with their unexpected applications. Initially, mobiles used to serve only the purpose of communication with people. Later, due to the advancement of technology, they were used as cameras, music players, e-books reading etc. But for the safer usage of the gadgets all you need is a perfect gadget protection. You may come across various advertisements on screen guard protectors. But finally, you may be deceived. So, to solve this problem, crystalusion liquid glass screen guard was launched.

What is Crystalusion-Liquid Glass Protection?

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection has been designed to protect multimedia devices including mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, touch screens, gaming consoles and satellite navigation systems. This revolutionary technology coats the surface with a protective layer of advanced nanotechnology. Each molecule is 500 times thinner than a human hair and covers the pores of the surface protecting it against bacteria, abrasion, dirt, grease and grime. Once applied, the newly coated device becomes extremely easy to maintain and cleaning only requires a simple wipe of the surface instead of the extensive rubbing required on untreated devices.
Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is a German engineered product that is a silicon-based coating, developed through extensive testing and research to offer one of the most advanced nano-coatings for portable devices. What is amazing is that there are no glues or resins within the matrix of the Crystalusion structure – the layer adheres through the Van Der Waals effect. This means that quantum forces draw the Liquid Glass molecules to the substrate layer it is coating so there are no corners or edges that can come unstuck or attract dust.


What are the benefits?

1. 600% harder – Diamond Tested

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is laboratory tested to ASTM C1624-05 Qualitative Single Point Scratch Testing using a 0.2mm tip radius Rockwell diamond and is laboratory certified to withstand up to 56N before showing visible signs of scratching – that’s 600% more resistant than a traditional screen protector!

2. Anti Bacteria

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is Antimicrobial, this means bacteria cannot live on the protective layer – helping to keep your device germ free. ASTM E2180 antimicrobial tests proved a 99.9% reduction in levels of
organisms when tested with Salmonella, aureus and E. coli

3. 100% Invisible

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection will not affect the viewing clarity or aesthetic look of any device. Because the Crystalusion layer is formed at the nanoscale it is completely invisible to the naked eye and because it is 100% light permeable it will not affect screen resolution or colour clarity.

4. Easy Clean

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is Superphobic, this means it is both Hydrophobic (repels liquid) and oleophobic (repels oils and grease), because of this oils and grease can’t stick to the surface, they just sit on top of the layer – this makes fingerprintss and grease marks particularly easy to clean from the device.

5. Bubble Free

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is particularly unique because it is applied as a liquid, because of this air cannot become trapped between the Crystalusion layer and the device giving a completely bubble free application over the entire device – not just the screen.

6. Warranty Safe

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is functionalised in organic ethanol, although it is applied as a liquid the liquid is harmless to electronic devices and cannot cause any manufacturer or warranty issues – to further illustrate this point a device could be fully submerged in Crystalusion without causing any operational issues.

7. Device Agnostic

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is 100% device agnostic owing to its unique application process. Being applied as a liquid it can be used on any smartphone, any tablet, any touchscreen – in fact Crystalusion can be applied to almost any device available, enabling a single protection category SKU and reducing End-Of-Line exposure for retailers.


How is it different from other screen guard protectors in terms of hardness?

Many protection products proudly claim a hardness of 9H. The “9H hardness” term comes from a pencil scratch test. For this test pencils of different grades(9B to 9H where “B” is softer and “H” is softer) of hardness are pushed or pulled over the screen protector to determine which pencil hardness, if any, visible scratches the screen protector. Any screen protector that claims 9H hardness is essentially promoting the fact that it can’t be scratched with a 9H pencil using this test. The problem with this test is it’s not relevant when measuring the abrasion resistance of tempered glass screen protectors!


But Crystalusion is tested using Rockwell hardness test and represented on Mohs scale. Because the  scratch test is performed using a pencil, 9H can only represent its equivalent mineral hardness of 1.5 on Mohs scale. But crystalusion hardness is 10 and it is measured when 56N pressure was applied while scratch test performed at 7.5N.


How safe is it?

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is supplied in a pretreated microfiber cloth format to enable an easy, hassle free application process. The provided microfiber cloths are impregnated with ample Crystalusion to protect any handheld device but do not contain the excessive liquid that could potentially saturate a device.

How to apply?

step1: Gently clean the device with the pretreated cloth. Ensure the entire surface area of the device is cleaned including the front, back, sides, top and bottom. Continue to clean until the cloth is dry to ensure all grease and dirt has been removed from the device.

step2: Coat the entire device with Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection by wiping the device with the pretreated cloth. Ensure the entire surface area of the device is coated including the front, back, sides, top and bottom. Continue to apply until the cloth is dry to ensure all surface areas are coated.

step3: Once the Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection layer has formed the device should be buffed with the microfiber cloth provided in the pack. Each pack of Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection last on average for up to 12 months from a single application.


Here is the video on application of crystalusion

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