October 25, 2017

Denmark’s New Law to Students: Allow Schools to Check your Laptop’s Search History or get Expelled

Would you allow your examiners to have an unfiltered access to your personal laptops? No, right! Now imagine a law being passed by the government to examine a student’s laptop log files and search history? Such kind of law in question has been proposed by Merete Riisager, the education minister of Denmark.


The main intention of the rule was to make strict examination surveillance so that students cannot cheat in the exam. The students and the school authorities are considering this move as an intrusion to students privacy. The rules of the draft law include to do background check of the student’s social media activity and search history. It also includes examining student’s laptop log files and more when necessary by the examiner.

The unusual aspect about this law is that the school authorities can not force the students to give access to their personal devices. The examiners have to take consent of the student to inspect their laptops before allowing the students into the examination hall. If the students deny giving their devices for background check, the school authorities are allowed to pass strict penalties on students and can expel a student who refuses to scrutinize their laptop.



The proposal of this law has already been forwarded for further consideration. No one would like such a rule which suggests intrusion of an individual’s privacy. Not only students, many teachers are finding these rules as an unfair invasion of individuals privacy. Many professors from different schools such as the chairman of the Danish High School Association, Jens Philip Yazdani, chairman of the IT-Political Association, Jesper Lund, and law professor Sten Schaumburg-Müller from the University of Southern Denmark are in support against these rules.

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