September 29, 2015

How to Turn Off Facebook’s Video Auto-Play on Mobile[Android, iPhone] and Desktop

As we all know Facebook has made the Videos auto-play. This is not only distracting but also consumes a lot of our bandwidth which might make the loading slow on Desktop and Mobile devices.

Facebook has made the videos auto-play by default for all. Good thing is, they have created an option in settings to disable it. So, if you don’t like this feature you can easily disable the auto play mode for videos. For desktop its very easy and straight forward, whereas for mobile users this might be a little tricky.

For Mobile Version:

Android Phone Users:

1.Open Facebook App and click on Settings ICON.

go to settings icon on facebook app on android phone

2. Go to App Settings.

go to app settings

3. Go to Videos and Photos and there you find Videos Play Automatically option.

videos play

4. Now you can manage how you want the videos to play on different connections or permanently turn the auto play off.

turn off videos auto play


iPhone and other iOS Users:

1.Firstly open your Facebook App. Click on More ICON in your Facebook App.

go to settings on ios

2. Straight ahead scroll down to Settings.

3. Go to Account Settings.

account settings for iphone users

4. In Account Settings go to Videos and Photos.

click on videos and photos

5. Here you can manage how you want Videos to play. Whether to play only on wifi or disable it on all connections.

never auto play

For Web Users:

For web users its pretty straight forward.

Go to settings, there you find an option Videos. Click on it.

go to settings


Here you can manage how you want the videos to play on Desktop or Web Version of Facebook.

manage how to play videos

Let us know if you are facing any difficulty in the steps we will help you out with the same.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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