May 23, 2021

Discount Bandit Review: Do You Really Get the Best Deals?

These days (and most especially during times of crisis), people will always prefer to save more by choosing better deals and bargains when online shopping. As such, budget retailers have begun popping up all over the web to satisfy the increasing demand. However, some of these stores fall short, while others are less than reliable.

That being said, there’s a website where that has been attracting frugal people: Discount Bandit. What makes Discount Bandit different than other online stores is that it doesn’t call itself a retailer. Instead, it’s more of a deal broker—we’ll explain this further below.

Discount Bandit prides itself on being able to help shoppers save more, but can you really find the best deals on this platform? How does it work? Keep reading for all the information you need regarding Discount Bandit.

About Discount Bandit

Discount Bandit wants to promote smart shopping by acting as your “personal deal seeker.” According to our research, the founder of Discount Bandit is Steven Hong, who also founded another retailer in the past. Apparently, Hong has “over 20 years of online retail experience,” which is why the businesses he owns today are so successful.

Another reason why many people like Discount Bandit is the fact that it manages your expectations. Unlike other online stores, it doesn’t try to make promises it can’t keep. From the get-go, the website already informs you that you’ll probably experience cancellations and slow deliveries. However, if a purchase does push through, Discount Bandit assures you that you’re getting the best deal possible, despite the possible obstacles along the way.

How It Works

Discount Bandit’s process is great because it’s so straightforward, as you can see in the illustration above. For starters, you simply have to provide Discount Bandit all the necessary information related to your order. The website is secure, so any information you input will be safe from prying eyes.

From there, Discount Bandit checks all of its resources and networks to look for the best deal for you. Once you’ve chosen a retailer or manufacturer where you can save the most, the seller will begin processing your order. Once that’s done, they’ll ship the order to you directly.

How Is Discount Bandit so Affordable?

This is an excellent question, which Discount Bandit answers on its FAQ page. Apparently, there are numerous retailers and manufacturers out there that are willing to sell their merchandise at discounted prices. From there, Discount Bandit enters the picture. The deal broker matches shoppers with sellers so they can get the best value for their money.

Shipping Information

Discount Bandit will give you the information of the seller within 1-2 business days. However, the shipping and delivery times definitely vary. Usually, customers can receive their orders within 7-10 business days after their purchase has been made, but for some, it could take as long as 2 weeks. Appliances and furniture that are on the bigger side may take much longer, too—up to 6 weeks before it gets delivered to you.

As for shipping costs, Discount Bandit says that it offers free shipping to “the lower 48 states.” However, there are remote areas where they’ll have to add in extra shipping costs. In that case, Discount Bandit will alert you right away.

Return & Refund Policies

Most if not all the items you purchase can still be returned within 30 days as long as the conditions of the items are still new. However, you also have to check each item’s product detail page because it might have a different policy. Once the seller successfully receives the returned item, they’ll send you your refund within 1-2 weeks.

If you want to return any items from your order, you need to contact the seller directly via their contact method, may it be through phone number or email.


Based on all the positive Discount Bandit reviews, we see that so many customers are satisfied with what they received. There are a few customers who complained about their orders getting canceled, but Discount Bandit already said from the start that this is a possibility. If you’re willing to wait for your item despite the long delivery times, you should definitely give this cost-effective platform a shot.

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