August 29, 2023

Discover Top Optimization Tool for Advertisers and Affiliates: Adsterra’s Smart CPM

Exciting Announcement from Adsterra! Introducing the Innovative  Pricing Model. This highly sought-after bidding strategy empowers advertisers and media buyers to effortlessly optimize bids according to market competition, ensuring the most cost-effective approach to acquiring valuable traffic.

Adsterra’s Smart CPM: Key Aspects to Explore

Let’s delve into the fundamental aspects first. Smart CPM introduces a bidding paradigm steered by a sophisticated algorithm. It actively participates in auctions, strategically selecting bids and securing ad views at optimal costs. The algorithm consistently refines payouts to sustain a high level of competitiveness.

Compelling Reasons to Embrace:

  • Accelerate campaign launch by 50%: Intelligent algorithms swiftly evaluate competition and set bids.
  • Reclaim precious hours formerly spent on bid adjustments.
  • Navigate a pathway of prudent spending, especially vital when adhering to tight budgets.
  • Attain noteworthy ad impressions while mitigating the risk of exceeding budget limits.
  • Initiate optimization of traffic costs right from the outset.
  • Gain invaluable insights for finely-tuning pricing in the future (Custom Bid).

Unveiling Smart CPM as Your Financial Partner

Ever wondered how Smart CPM can be your financial confidant? Envision this: You establish the CPM cap, signifying the utmost bid you’re prepared to pay for 1,000 impressions. The algorithm then springs into action, meticulously scouting for optimal traffic matches and deftly bidding to secure victories in auctions.

Now, here’s the game-changing aspect: No more bid adjustments are required. The days of repeatedly tweaking bids to ensure sufficient traffic flow are over. Typically, the bid needed to emerge victorious in an auction falls below your predetermined cap.

Observe this principle in action: Let’s say your bid stands at $3.5. Your focus centers on [US, mobile, Android]. Simultaneously, two rival advertisers vie for the same targets with bids of $3 and $2. Enter Smart CPM, offering a $3.01 bid and emerging triumphant in the auction. Remarkably, your traffic volume remains unaltered, as if correlated with a $3.5 payout. However, your actual cost is a mere $3.01. A genuine triumph in every sense!

Remember this essential advice: Maintain a strategic distance from overbidding at this stage. Your goal is to set a favorable cap, not to chase the utmost potential payout.

Quick Tutorial: Activating Smart CPM

Commence by registering on .

Upon logging in, proceed to Campaigns -> Create, and navigate to the Pricing type section. Choose CPM and activate Smart CPM by marking the designated checkbox. Through this activation, our advanced algorithm seamlessly assumes control of your bidding process.

Next, input your desired bid for the targeted traffic. This bid serves as an expenditure threshold for Smart CPM. However, keep in mind that the algorithm consistently seeks opportunities to place bids below the required amount for securing success in the competition. Importantly, your bid will never surpass the maximum you’ve set.

Comparing Smart CPM and Traditional CPM: Making Your Decision

Let’s now delve into the analysis of two pricing methodologies: CPM and Smart CPM. The former entails payment for 1,000 ad impressions, necessitating manual determination of optimal bids across multiple instances. This process involves the evolution of bidding strategies, albeit with the potential downside of decreased traffic volumes. Nevertheless, the reins of control remain firmly in your grasp.

Traditional CPM:

  • Strategic acumen and a substantial time investment are required for manual configuration
  • Traffic performance exhibits visible fluctuations, mandating detailed experimentation with traffic slices
  • Venturing into new geos and traffic segments is possible only with minimal bids
  • With a thorough grasp of traffic conversion, fixed bids yield anticipated results

On the contrary, Smart CPM introduces a refined, cost-effective approach. Adsterra’s sophisticated algorithm consistently identifies optimal bids, mitigating risks through automation. Your engagement remains pivotal, affording you the choice to cherry-pick premium placements for potential inclusion in a whitelist (provided tracking mechanisms are integrated).

Enhancing Trials and Optimization through Smart CPM

Whether delving into a new market or exploring a fresh traffic segment, the objective is clear: expedite conversions and curtail initial expenses. Enter Smart CPM, akin to a mystical tool, garnering copious ad views while exercising fiscal prudence.

Post-trial analysis entails delving into statistics to cherry-pick the most fruitful placements, constituting a whitelist for imminent campaign launches.

But there’s more. Smart CPM empowers campaign scaling with heightened efficacy. Scaling denotes elevating traffic both in quality and quantity. Scaling essentially mirrors the initiation of new traffic source evaluations, an undertaking fraught with risks. Nevertheless, Smart CPM functions as a shield against potential missteps. It adeptly identifies budget-friendly traffic sources, circumventing financial erosion during the scaling endeavor.

Elevating High-Performing Traffic Priority

When the objective is accumulating a greater influx of ad views from high-performing ad placements, Smart CPM emerges as the definitive solution. Let’s delve into the specifics.

After a phase of running ads, a pool of performance data is amassed across diverse ad placements (assuming specific tokens are integrated into the landing URLs). Your ensuing task involves amplifying bids for placements that yield superior profits.

Access your campaign through the My Campaigns section. Continue scrolling until you encounter the Advanced settings segment. Here, you’ll find Custom Bid. Within this interface, input the IDs of desired placements (with or without geos) from which you intend to drive heightened traffic. Concurrently, input an elevated bid. This methodical approach holds immense potential for significantly enhancing campaign results, ultimately culminating in elevated ROIs.

Smart CPM perpetuates automated bidding seamlessly, adeptly integrating your custom bids. A mutually beneficial outcome for all stakeholders!

On a side note, the reverse application of this technique yields equally promising outcomes. You can stipulate minimal bids for sources that funnel less lucrative traffic. For a comprehensive grasp, explore the diverse applications of .

Final Thoughts

Smart CPM ushers in a realm where you secure the most cost-effective price, outshining your nearest rivals for coveted traffic. Yet, picture a scenario where all competitors adopt Smart CPM simultaneously. The outcome remains unaltered: Our perceptive algorithms pinpoint the winning bid amidst the competitive landscape, ensuring equitable costs for all advertisers.

In summary, the ensuing core advantages lie within your reach, ready for your utilization and recognition:

  • Drastically slash the time investment in devising bidding strategies
  • Exert control over traffic-related expenses while consistently achieving substantial volumes and commendable quality
  • Amplify the efficiency of trials, campaign fine-tuning, and expansive endeavors
  • Harness combo settings to oversee daily expenditure or selectively enhance bids for premium-performing traffic sources

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