December 13, 2020

Discovering Munich On Bike- What Places Do Munich Bike Tours Cover?

Munich is regarded as one of Germany’s most cycle-friendly cities, where even Lord Mayer roams around the city on two wheels. There are over 200 kilometers (124 mi approx.) of bike paths located on the greater side of the city. Additionally, cycling lanes are marked on the side of the road, while others are prominent on sidewalks. However, you have to be a bit aware of the pedestrian walking and make sure your bell works is functioning.

Munich bike tours are quite popular, and tourists from all over the world travel the city on them. The bike tours benefit first-time visitors and those who want a closer look at the city. The bike tour rentals range accordingly but make sure you discover the charms of the city on a bike to feel the connection.

So, if you are looking to tour the city, Munich bike tours serve as a great option. Consequently, the places Munich bike tours usually cover are listed as follows:

Bavarian Chancellery

Bavarian Chancellery serves as an executive officer for the Minister or President, which is the head of government. Additionally, the building is designed uniquely and acquires impressive architecture. For this reason, it is considered as one the most popular attraction among the visitors of the city.


A Biergarten hints at a beer garden, which was originated in Munich city in the 19th century. It occupies an outdoor area where beer and local food are provided on joint tables. Other entertainment elements include music and songs and a breath-taking view. Thus, this makes it the most popular spot among the tourist and a definite part of Munich bike tours.

English Garden

As the name suggests, English Garden hints at the origination of a garden in England in the 18th century. However, it was formally introduced across Europe in the 17th century. It represents the principal gardening style of Europe and acquires an idealized view of nature.

The English Garden includes lakes, and lush-push greenery, which makes it the perfect spot to enjoy after an exhausting day.

vegetables, viktualienmarkt, market


Known as the Virtual Market, the Viktualienmarkt has evolved over the centuries from a small farmers market. It offers fresh foods and delicacies, which aren’t available in the area. It is expanded over 22,000 squares meters and comprises 140 stalls in total.

The market is famous for its diversity and size, which catches the eye of every other tourist in the city. Several individuals opt for delicacies, shopping offers, traditional dresses, and dishes for their loved ones residing in other states.


Konigsplatz hints at King’s square in Munich, which is crafted in European Neoclassicism in the 19th century. The renowned square includes the Propylaen gate, which faces each other in direction. The square also consists of Glyptothek, which is an archaeological museum, and Antikensammlungen that is an art museum.

The square was built in the 19th century by a German architect and acquire a rich history. The place is one of the popular spots in Munich, capital of Bavaria.

Angel of Peace

The Angel of Peace is a monument located in Germany’s third-largest city Munich. The monument hints at the25 peaceful years after the Franco-German war, which took place between 1870/71. The foundation was laid on 10 May 1896 and unleashed on 16 July 1899. Additionally, the monument comprises a temple that attains the portraits of famous German warriors and kings.

The beautiful piece of monument captures the attention of every other individual while strolling near the Isar River. The golden Angel of Peace should be on your must-visit list while you are traveling in the city.

Munich, the third-largest city of Germany and the capital of Bavaria, enjoys attraction from tourists across the planet. The city is located at the Isar River, famous for its unique and impressive architecture, vibrant museums, and fine culture.

Thus, for this reason, it enjoys attention from tourists. Besides, bike tours have also made it easy to roam around the city. Several bike tours operate in the city and offer packages according to your affordability, accompanied by a travel guide. Pick a tour that suits you and your travel plans best, and get going!

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