June 4, 2021

What Is DoNotPay and Is It Legit?

DoNotPay is a mobile app where you can hire the legal services of an AI-powered lawyer. The app’s developer claims that with DoNotPay, you have the power to easily sue just about anyone with a simple press of a button. Apparently, the app was created to try and help people whose rights have been violated by complex bureaucracies and big companies.

As you can imagine, DoNotPay’s artificial intelligence took the world by storm, most especially the app-building community. In the past, interested users could only access the robot lawyer’s services through the official website. But now that it has a mobile app, users can easily access all the essential features on your phone.

That being said, can DoNotPay’s AI lawyer really help you get out of your legal trouble? Are there any complaints you should be wary about? In this DoNotPay review, we’ll discuss this interesting service in detail, how it works, its features, and some reasons why you may not like it. Keep reading to find out more!

How Does DoNotPay Work?

DoNotPay is basically like a chatbot. When you require its services, the bot will ask you several questions about your situation. From there, you can be more specific about who you want to sue—whether it’s a particular person or a business/organization. Once the bot knows the complete details of your situation, it will provide you with limited legal counsel and create legal documents for you. Being the plaintiff, you can use these documents to give to the court. Other than that, DoNotPay can also create an easy-to-understand script for you, which you can read during court proceedings. So if you plan on taking things to court, DoNotPay will supposedly come in handy.

That being said, DoNotPay can also be used for something as simple as appealing a parking ticket. The AI-powered lawyer will be able to help you resolve these issues, may they be big or small.

Is DoNotPay Legit?

One of the things you must be worried about is the legitimacy of this service. Yes, DoNotPay is a legit platform for when you need legal counsel, among other things. You can relay to the bot everything related to your issue, and in some instances, it will redirect you to forms and other legal information that could come in handy. Of course, you need to double-check if the information is truly relevant to your case. That being said, you can’t compare a chatbot to an actual lawyer.

DoNotPay simply works to guide you through the legal process, so some might find that the app is quite limited in terms of offerings. No matter how clever a chatbot is, it can’t be denied that the law is intricate, and neither are legal processes. It will never be able to fully take the place of an actual legal counsel. But if you only need documents for your case or need help with small claims, DoNotPay has a wealth of information that could help you resolve your issue.

DoNotPay Features

Generate Fake Personal Information

If you’re tired of constantly forgetting to cancel your free trials and you end up getting charged every month on your personal account, DoNotPay has a solution for you. You can use DoNotPay to create a fake credit card for you, which you can use to sign up on websites and avail of their free trials. Once the free trial is over, the company won’t be able to charge your account because it wasn’t a real credit card, to begin with.

Other than that, you can also use DoNotPay to generate fake phone numbers for you. This is a great way to avoid spam calls, and you can provide this fake number to companies requiring your personal information. What’s great about these fake numbers is that you can even use them to call or text other people, and you want your actual number to be a secret.

Deal With Spam Emails

We all know how spam emails can get really annoying, especially since they can clutter your inbox. Fortunately, DoNotPay can help you drive off scammers by using its fake credit card information. Not only will you be able to lead the scammers far away from your inbox, but DoNotPay can also gather their information so that if you want to, you can demand compensation.

Track Down Money

If you have unclaimed inheritance or perhaps refunds you’re entitled to but forgot about, DoNotPay can help you track down funds that are rightfully yours. The chatbot can also help you save more by unsubscribing you from services and memberships that you want to get out of, as well as demand compensation after going through a horrible airline experience.

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What Are DoNotPay’s Downsides?

The Price of the Service

As you’d expect, DoNotPay isn’t a free service, and based on advertisements, it supposedly only costs $300 a month. Given the number of features it has and how it can help you during your legal battle, this seems like a reasonable price. However, many customers aren’t happy with DoNotPay because it’s not transparent or upfront about its pricing, which is ironic for a service that supposedly prevents corporations from hindering your rights.

The thing is, DoNotPay has a fine print on the signup page stating you’ll be paying a full year of the service then and there. Now, many users can miss this statement because it’s not blatantly noted on the page. Upon signing up, you’ll be paying a $36 annual subscription upfront, and most people won’t even know about it.

To make matters worse, you can’t request a refund when you’re halfway through the year—even a partial one. If you decide that you no longer want to use DoNotPay, you can definitely cancel the service, but you won’t get any refunds from the company.

Its Design Isn’t User-Friendly

Other than the previous point, some users have encountered an issue with the app’s design for both the website and app. Some have complained that the app isn’t that easy to navigate and is not user-friendly. If you want to take a look at all the features DoNotPay has, you’ll have to go through pages upon pages of information.


So, should you use DoNotPay and subscribe to its services? Without a doubt, having a handy AI-powered lawyer seems like a terrific idea, and it gives back power to the people who have been used and exploited by businesses and organizations who know better. If you don’t mind the pricing and you want to make us of DoNotPay’s feature, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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