March 8, 2022

DotBig Ltd Review: Step into the Trading World!

Reputation always plays a vital role for international businesses. DotBig company is not an exception – this brokerage intermediate always pays attention to clients’ thoughts and reviews of It took almost 20 years for the broker to establish a good reputation, and the business isn’t ready to put it at risk. What means does the broker apply to remain popular and to attract new clients? Is it a good option either for professionals or beginners? Let’s find this out.

What We Find Positive

The best way to identify the advantages of the broker is to look through DotBig testimonials placed by real clients on some of the most popular platforms, such as Indeed, Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and others. We’ve done this, and here are some of the most prominent features of the DotBig forex broker:

  • multiple assets;
  • cutting-edge instruments for professional analysis;
  • fast verification;
  • tight spreads;
  • responsive support services;
  • usable trading platform;
  • no fees for deposits
  • the user-friendly interface of the personal profile.

Naturally, there are no companies that have only positive characteristics. DotBig ltd also features some negative sides, among which the most frequently mentioned ones are the following:

  • withdrawals come with commissions;
  • spreads might unexpectedly increase due to their floating nature;
  • high starting deposit;
  • a limited selection of trading platforms.

Trading Conditions

Market Average spreads Leverage Number of assets
Forex 1.2 pips 1:400 72
Stock 0.67 pips 1:10 244
Indices 2.25 pips 1:100 13
Commodities 1:100 6
ETF 1:10 20
Crypto 1.74 pips 1:10 659

How to Invest with DotBig Ltd

Using the consultations of the professional personal manager, clients of the DotBig forex broker compile their investments portfolio. Specialists of the company may develop individualized strategies and recommend which securities to choose for your portfolio.

In addition to this, you can join venture investments. This way, you can invest funds in some prospective projects and startups. Some of the most widely chosen are new IT companies, social networks, online games, and so on.

Finally, there is a possibility to open a PAMM account. Contact your personal manager or company’s representatives to learn how to open it and how it works.

Accounts You Can Open

DotBig forex broker offers several account types to choose from, from the “Basic” level to the “Platinum.”

  • Basic – $250. The Basic account is rather a choice for beginners. It offers the same access to markets and assets and also provides free training courses.
  • Standard – $2,500. Owners of Standard accounts are rewarded with an attractive perk – they don’t pay withdrawing commissions. But this is the bonus you might use once a month.
  • Silver – $10,000. Users who open silver accounts may have their own trading strategy developed by specialists of the company.
  • Platinum – $25,000. With a Platinum account, you can make commission-free withdrawals three times a month. Plus, there is a 10% of swap return.
  • Islamic. Islamic traders may take benefits from trading via this type of swap-free account.

Bonuses, Services, and Platforms

In their DotBig testimonials, clients usually don’t pay a lot of attention to bonuses and promotions. However, it’s important to specify them because many beginners might find such offers useful. DotBig company offers a 10% bonus for the first deposit. If you are an active trader, you might expect more; other rewards are individual. But if you are inactive, be ready to pay inactivity fees.

As for Forex trading platforms, you might use two services – DotBig Web Trading Platform and MetaTrader5. Both feature top-notch analytical tools and advanced advisors. You can benefit from using 90% accurate signals and over 50 smart indicators.

Unfortunately, many of those who write reviews of forget to praise the service of the DotBig card. This is a unique offer that makes payments much easier. Besides, this is a unique instrument on which you can operate not only fiat currencies but digital currencies as well.

Depositing and Withdrawing

DotBig testimonials praise commission-free deposits and criticize a 3.5% fee for withdrawals. If you use bank transfers to withdraw funds, you have to pay even more – 35 EUR. Plus, the maximum amount you might withdraw is limited to the sum of $50.

Final Ideas

DotBig is a legit company that guarantees privacy and security to its clients. The broker applies segregated accounts, which means the fund of traders cannot be withdrawn without their approval. DotBig company does its best to keep up with the highest standards of the anti-fraud policy in the trading industry.

About the author 

Kyrie Mattos

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