March 11, 2019

Download Flappy Bird .apk for your Android Device

Why there is so much craze for the game “Flappy Bird” and why did the creator took it down from the play store? All these could look natural but for people there might also be a reason why it was taken down. Flappy Bird game is a very popular game during recent time with both Android and iPhone users which had more than 50 million downloads within a short span of time. Thousands of people are looking where to download the game after it has been taken down from the Google play store and iTunes website.

download flappy bird online to android

If some website claims to give you the game for money then you must realize that you are being tricked for money because this application could be downloaded for free even if it’s not available in play stores.

Download Flappy Bird Game on Android Unofficially(.apk File)

When there are so many games why did this game created much craze towards every gamers ? If you haven’t played the game before then you might even have the same question rolling on your mind about this game.

Flappy Bird is a kind of the game which can bring the feel of good old vintage days where you used to sit along with your friends in your house trying to save the girlfriend of “Mario“. The way the the Flappy Bird has been programmed gives you a 8-bit look which resembles graphics of the video games from 90’s.

The game’s scenario is to fly the bird by tapping on it and move it forward as far as you can by crossing the obstacles. You are credited with 1 score when you cross the obstacle successfully and the obstacle is nothing but the grass green pipes which were much more familiar with us from the game Super Mario.

There are thousands of games but what made it more addictive game ? The reason behind the massive success of the game is that the game is difficult to be played. To get a High score in Flappy Bird you need have two things in your life. One is patience and the other is Concentration , it’s not surprising that i’m not including luck here because luck doesn’t favors you in this game at any moment.  The reason why it’s so addictive is every gamer who starts a game will look towards getting a high score and move on to the next game but what happens with this game is that it doesn’t allow you to score much. Even you might end up within one digit score and that’s where it makes everyone feels like playing it more and more.

The score can also be shared in social networking sites and people would naturally fight with the game to rank number one among their friends. This even happened with Subway surfers but what made it more sensational about this game?

But why Thousand of People Searching for How to Download Flappy Bird Game?

Everything was going well but suddenly the owner removed the applications form the stores yesterday and left a twitter message that he’s taking down the application from the stores because he can’t take it anymore. At first this made many people exciting because why an application which is making more than $50,000 every day have to be removed?

What happened after the Game has been removed ? A guy made a sale on e-bay for an used iPhone with Flappy Bird for the price tag of $99,990. No one knows why the game could have been taken down from the play store and it still there are different reasons being rumored within people all over the internet.

I personally feel that why would some one download this game which doesn’t worth that much money. That’s why I thought of sharing the free download link of the game unofficially.

Download the file from the link to your Windows or Mac pc and transfer it to your Android device. Use a good file explorer to open the file and just like any other application double tap on it to install the game on your Android mobile phone.

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Imran Uddin

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