November 7, 2014

Download Kik Messenger for PC/Laptop Free Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1

Kik Messenger is a popular social application that most of the users tend to compare with apps like WeChat, WhatsApp,Viber and BBM, so we can only assume that they are more than pleased with its features. It was founded in 2009 by group of students at university of Waterloo. Kik is a very straightforward, multipurpose messenger application that gives you more ways to communicate with your friends than plain text messages. Its not just a messaging app but you can also Share images, video, smiley, and many other features.


Kik Messenger for PC free Download (Windows XP/7/8/8.1):

Kik is the most trusted and most rated social chatting and messaging application available for Android and iOs user. It is free app and that’s why more and more user want to download KIK for PC having Mac and Windows operating system. Around 100 Millions of users are using this wonderful Apps.It’s available in Google Play Store. Recently, they have introduced Kik Cards that comes with HTML5 features that allow you to search and send Youtube videos, Reddit images and pictures for free through internet connectivity.

Kik Messenger is an application that can be used on any type of iOS and smart phone. It loads very fast and it delivers the best performance when it comes to keeping in touch with your friends. However, due to its extra features, most of the people choose to use this application instead of others. Unfortunately currently we don’t have any official Kik executable or apps that you can use for your PC. But we still come with interesting and helpful tricks that you can follow to download this wonderful messenger on your laptop or computer.

Awesome Features of Kik Messenger:

Before you decide to go with Kik Messenger, you must have all the information about this App. So below we are providing you the best features of Kik Messesnger App.


  • Built in browser – You can share addresses directly into conversations.
  • Kik allows you to message friends with texts and images in real-time as well as provides you with additional tools such as the sketch pad and built-in browser.
  • Got simple and elegant looking user interface which is uniquely designed.
  • Users can share pictures, videos, real time location, voice notes and many other supported files.
  • Absolutely free fo Cost.
  • It can be used on any type of iOS and smart phone.
  • Users can send unlimited free text messages to any Kik Messenger user.

Kik-Messenger-free download procedure

  • It loads very fast and it delivers the best performance.
  • Profile is created with the user name not the phone number so actual privacy is provided and security standard is much higher.
  • Typing notifications – It tells you when others are typing so you can keep calm and wait.
  • Users can create their profile, add their pictures which makes easy for users to know each other well.

This was all about features of Kik Messenger for PC online which you’re all set to use on your Windows 8/7/XP or Mac system.

Download Kik Messenger for PC:

To install Kik Messenger on PC you need to read all the instruction and do all the steps carefully. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to enjoy the application’s features on a higher level.

  • The first thing that you need to do is install an Android Emulator which is called Bluestacks. Otherwise you won’t be able to run Kik Messenger on your computer.

Blue-Stacks-on-pc-free download

To Download Bluestacks:

kik messenger for pc free download

  • Once you have downloaded, run it and installed Bluestacks on your laptop or desktop.
  • Open it and use search bar and type exact name Kik Messenger Android app.
  • After you find it select the “Install Button” that you will find on the right side of the result, and wait for the process to complete.

Kik-Messenger-free download

  • Head up and click the Kik Messenger icon created on PC.

download Kik-Messenger-for-PC

  • Now you can start using Kik Messenger for PC.

You can use your existing Kik account or create a new account from the login screen. Make sure you have working internet connection on the Windows 8 or Windows 7 computer so that can be used inside Bluestacks emulator.  It’s very easy to create a new account, no need to confirm the email or SMS activation like Whatsapp and Viber. You can start using Kik for PC almost instantly even if you are new user for this app.

kik-messenger-for-pc free download

Download Kik Messenger for PC/Mac without Bluestacks:

First thing you need to do is to enable the internet connection and second is to update the graphics driver version of your PC to its latest version. Once you’re done with these two then you need to simply go through the steps mentioned down here and within few minutes you will be done with the process that will leave you with the app installed on your Windows (7/8/XP) computer or Mac.

kik messenger for pc without bluestacks

  • You first need to get Andy software installed on your Windows computer or Mac. Andy is available for free for both platforms.
  • Now start the installation of this software you downloaded. Process is simple and requires you to follow simply the on screen instructions.
  • Once Andy is ready to be used then start the Google Play store app and then you will see its search tool.
  • Use the search tool to find out Kik Messenger app and then click on Install option to install it. Process is just like installing any app or game on any Android device.
  • Install Andy for your desktop – Click here.

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