July 13, 2020

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Purple Flower Background

There is something special about the color purple. Whether it’s a room décor theme or a mobile wallpaper, purple color is one of the most common colors that are used. Do you feel a certain association with purple color too? We love this color too! But what if we ask you, why do you like it so much? What reason would you give to love this particular so much? Just because it looks good isn’t such a convincing answer, is it? The question is – why does it look good? What does it have that other colors don’t?

For a long time, interior designers and artists have believed that our feelings, emotions, and moods are dramatically affected by colors. In fact, psychologists firmly believe in this fact too. Have you ever heard of the term ‘color therapy’? It is an actual medical treatment technique that makes use of colors. Now that is something, isn’t it?

Just like red color represents danger, white color represents innocence, every color symbolizes one thing or the other. Colors have a noticeable impact on our moods, As a famous artist, Pablo Picasso, once said that colors are like features, and they follow emotional changes.

Colors serve as a strong tool for communication, and they are mainly used to influence mood, signal action, or even to manipulate psychological reactions. Colors have long been associated with enhanced metabolism, eyestrain, and blood pressure. Let’s learn how colors exactly colors affect our behavior and moods.

Before moving directly onto our favorite color purple, it is better to understand some basics about the psychological role of colors in general.

Purple Aesthetic Background

Light Purple Background

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Color Psychology

Sir Isaac, an English scientist in 1666, discovered how pure light passing through a prism divides into several visible colors. He also explored that every color has a single wavelength, and it cannot, further, separate into other colors.

Several other experiments explained how light is formed of a mixture of several colors. For instance, yellow light mixed with red light forms the color orange. Whereas, certain colors, such as magenta and green, tend to cancel each other out if mixed as a result of which, white light is formed.

If you like to paint and play with colors, you might have noticed how some colors perfectly blend together and form other amazing colors.

Considering the prevalence of colors, color psychology has gained popularity and became a trending topic in art, marketing, design, and many other areas. However, there has been a lack of sufficient research, but experts have discovered quite a few things about color psychology and how our moods, behaviors, and feelings are influenced.

Purple Color Psychology

Now that we have talked about color psychology, we must mention that the color purple is known as a royal color, and its meaning is power, wisdom, luxury, spirituality, and nobility. Sounds impressive to us! – Now we know why any aesthetic purple background appears to be a head-turner.

One thing to remember is not to use this color too much as it can result in feeling frustrated. – Oh! Does that mean no purple flowers background?

Well, the good news is you do not have to avoid it completely, such as you can add a hint of the color purple to your website’s design, your logo, etc.

Moreover, the color purple is used by big names like Yahoo and Hallmark. When you browse their website, you will see accent color as purple. Hallmark’s top navigation and logo are purple, whereas you can see a variety of colors on the rest of its website. Also, Yahoo’s logo and its icons, such as Mail, use the purple color.

Sounds like using a black and purple background would be a great choice!

What Is The Meaning of Purple?

Have you ever thought about learning the meaning of purple color? If not, there is nothing to worry about, we have got you covered!

So shall we consult to wealthy old rulers’ regal robes? Or is it a whimsical hue that is favored by fairies and unicorns? Here is your answer!

Purple Color Meaning

As we mentioned earlier, purple means royal, and it connects with majesty and nobility—however, the purple color appears to be the favorite of adolescent girls. Indeed, magic and fantasy seem to be deeply connected with this color. To better said, the color is half red and half blue.

Know About Purple Color

Physical Effects

Purple helps to stimulate and calm our bodies, and it puts us in the perfect spot for focused insight and introspection. Additionally, purple sparks creativity as it awakens our senses. It promotes the peace that is necessary for making observations, intuitions, etc.  To be precise, using purple color helps to create a balance between peace and awareness.

Purple Color Meaning and Symbolism

Purple color has been associated with wealth for a long time, and it is because, in earlier days, purple dye was quite expensive. Let’s say if green symbolizes spring, purple speaks for autumn, shorter days, and fading light. Moreover, between opposite forces, purple creates a balance.

Positive Associations With Purple

Purple is a playful, whimsical-cheerful color. It is often perceived as an escape from reality, and sometimes, it reflects independence, as purple is not a primary color. Most of the time, it is about fussing innovative with mundane. Most importantly, purple speaks for bravery. Armed forces who are injured while they at the line of duty are rewarded with Purple Hearts. However, the purple color is mostly used by professionals to communicate lofty goals and high value.

Hmm, So that is the reason why pink and purple background catches the most attention when used anywhere.

Negative Associations With Purple

We like to refer the color purple as a balance with blue and red; however, it can appear as non-traditional and unstable color. Purple can often appear as condescension and arrogance. Just like royal ceremonies can off-put democratic sensibilities.

Color Morsels

It is said that, In English, there is no other word that rhymes with purple. However, two words, those are albeit obscure, do rhyme: ‘Curple’ that means a horse’s hindquarters, and ‘hirple’ that means walking with a limp.

One more notable thing is ‘Purple Day’ that is observed every year on the 26th of March, began back in 2008 in order to spread awareness regarding epilepsy.

A professional basketball Denver-based team known as The Colorado Rockies is the only team that uses purple along with other colors. They wear white, silver, black, and purple.

History of Purple Color

Originally, the purple dye came from boiling snails in lead vats. It used to take thousands of snails just to create small amounts of this expensive and precious dye.

The Popularity of Purple Color

A bridge that spans the Ohio River ar Cincinnati, known as The Purple Bridge, is among the most popular and exclusive pedestrian bridges in the whole nation and people can rent it for several special occasions.

A film based on Alice Walker’s novel with the title ‘The Color Purple’ was among nominations for eleven Academy Awards. Both Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg make it to nominations for delivering amazing performances in the film. However, the film did not manage to get a single award.

Purple Phrases, Idioms, And Words

Purple color is often used in phrases and idioms. It feels like the color purple is a lot of things at the same time. Some of the most common phrases you may have come across include:

  • Purple Prose: an elaborated written paragraph or poem in literature
  • Purple Heart: A medal that is awarded to soldiers who are wounded in battle
  • Born to Purple: an individual born into a royal or a noble family
  • Lay it out in lavender: controlled, relaxed, and very cool

Purple – A Signature Color

Many people usually end up confusing favorite color with purple color. They think the purple color is their favorite when in reality, it is the effect the color has on them that makes it such a likable color. However, for some, they both can be the same. It depends upon how you choose to express yourself using color, how regularly you wear it, or to what extent you have made it a part of your personality that it becomes your signature shade.

Prince – He was a music icon who passionately loved purple color. From his stage set, wardrobe, to his album, everything had purple in prominent.

The State of Minnesota – The state proposed purple as its official state color in 2016 to honor the music icon Prince. However, the status is yet to be updated.

Red Hat Society Members – It is inspired by a poem written by Jenny Joseph, where she writes, “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple, with a red hat which doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.” This group’s women can be easily identified by red hats and purple attire.

Sense Of Smell And Color – Purple

Emotions are not solely responsible for more making scents powerful. Your memories are partially responsible too. While, in our tasting abilities, smell also plays a great role. When these are mixed with color, they become extraordinarily stronger.

Lavender’s scent helps to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, putting you in a more calm and relaxed state, according to the National Sleep Foundation. According to a study, researchers observed that subjects who sniffed lavender before sleeping had a deeper and relaxed sleep and felt more active in the morning. Another research showed that infants who were given a bath with lavender scented oil had a more peaceful sleep.

Crayons by Binney & Smith with purple color Magic Scents labeled as ‘Grape’ were initially meant to smell like zesty limes; however, after several reports about children eating the crayons, the company decided to shift to less tempting options. As a result of which they scented the green ones to smell like lilac.

As for perfume manufacturers, lavender appears to be a plant that contains an exceptional olfactory quality. Moreover, lavender is one of those ancient elements that have been used by perfume makers for years now.

Lavender was highly popular during the 19th century. It attracted men to use perfumes, where they were reserved for women’s use only.

Purple Color Taste Connection

Taste is responsible to send signals to our brain for intercepting flavor. Also, we use our eyes to send signals to our brains before taking a bite. However, the color affects a lot how we usually perceive the flavor and taste of what food item is in front of us.

Purple ever goes out of trend, and gourmet chefs are continuously in search of vegetables in purple color such as:

  • Purple Orchid Three, grown by Hainan developers, is a sweet potato.
  • Purple Haze is a purple carrot that is imperator-shaped.
  • Eggplant, a glossy and deeply purple veggie that adds special flavor and texture.


Colors play an important role in communicating information, signals, and intentions. They influence behavior, emotions, and moods of people. However, purple being the representation of nobility and royalty catches the attention of many.

Artists and designers and many other professionals use purple in order to influence the audience, evoke certain mood types, and influence decisions made by people.

Who knew there was so much to know about a single color? We’ve always known purple as the pretty color, that we, more than often, reserve for themes of special events. Little did we know that it was the psychological impact of this color that made it so special. Whether it’s a bridal shower or a wedding reception, purple is one of the most common colors that are used. And it is now that we know that it is not the color itself, but all the things it represents!

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