January 22, 2019

Download WhatsApp Status – How To Download & Share Videos & Photos Status 2019

WhatsApp Status is an awesome and coolest way to share what you are going through to your best buddies in WhatsApp. These statuses are visible to all your WhatsApp contacts for a period of 24 hours unless and until you delete it. The WhatsApp statuses are like WhatsApp chats. They are secured with end-to-end encryption which means only the sender and the receiver can see the information.


Unlike sharing photos, videos, GIFs and documents with your friends in a personal or group chat, the photos and videos shared in WhatsApp status cannot be downloaded. WhatsApp Statuses are perishable by nature. Hence, WhatsApp does not offer an “official” way to save these shares. Of course, you can take a screenshot of a photo and record the video using a screen recorder. But the quality of those photos, GIFs, and videos decreases.

Don’t worry, here we brought you a few methods to save photos, GIFs, and videos from WhatsApp status on your phone.

How to Download WhatsApp Status on your Smartphone:

Using File Manager App:

1. Most Android smartphones have it by default. It is named differently in various android phones such as ‘Files’ or ‘File Manager‘. If you don’t have it, then download it from here.

2. Open-File Manager app and tap on hamburger button at the top-left corner. Click on Settings from the drop-down.

Android Phone Settings

3. Below the Settings menu, locate ‘Show Hidden Files’ and enable it by tapping the checkbox.

Save-whatsapp-status-Show Hidden Files

4. Now go back to the home screen of File Manager and tap on ‘Device’. You will see all the folders that are created by you and apps. Search for WhatsApp in the folders and tap on it.

save-whatsapp-status file manager

5. Now, go to Media>.Statuses. There you will find all the WhatsApp Status photos and videos of your friends. The .Statuses folder is a hidden folder which generally isn’t visible. That’s why we asked you earlier to enable Show Hidden Files.


Note: Don’t forget that those photos and videos will appear in this folder only for 24 hours from being posted and disappear from it automatically.


6. To avoid this, you must Copy the photos/videos which you want to save and Paste them into a different folder. Now, the copied photos or videos will be stored forever. You can access them later by opening the folder where it was copied to.

Save WhatsApp Status using ‘Stories saver for WhatsApp’ app:

If in case the above method doesn’t work, you can rely on a third-party app to save photos and videos from WhatsApp Status. This app will automatically collect the statuses which you have seen and show them in an organized manner.

1. Download and install ‘Stories saver for WhatsApp‘ app from the play store.

2. Open the application and tap on Recent Stories button.


3. Select the photos and videos which you want to save and tap on the download icon at the top-right corner.

4. Images which you save will be moved to your phone Gallery. You can also check out downloaded WhatsApp statuses in Story Saver Apk.

Respect the privacy of your friends by asking their permission to save their WhatsApp status. We hope you were able to save WhatsApp Status photos and videos on your smartphone.

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