January 11, 2017

Dr.News The Mobile App To Feast Your Eyes On The Latest News

Nowadays due to the busy schedule, people are missing out the trending news and headlines. Packed with a growing array of modern sources many apps are coming into the limelight to provide popular and trending content to the users. But choosing the best out of them is a difficult task. That is the reason why we have come up the solution where you can get the news, gossips, rumors, etc., at your fingertips.

Dr. News App has come up with the tons and tons of trending content by covering international headlines, gossip/rumors, automotive, sports, tech, food, games, YouTube viral videos and more! Dr. News is your FREE prescription for the content you love; this content is delivered directly to you in an ultra-convenient format that you can read anywhere you like!

Dr. News App

Dr. News
Dr. News is offering both Andriod and iOS version. Where you can download and get updated with all the stuff that Dr. News is offering by setting at your home.

Unlike other apps, Dr.News has come up with the exciting features where one cannot stop themselves from installing it.

Everything in 1 place

Dr. News all news at one place

All the daily dose of news is just one click away. Dr. News covers all the major categories like Hot, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Food, etc., The news you want now, the fashion trends coming your way, the juiciest gossip around the planet, the latest technological innovations, and everything else in 1 place.

Region Selection

Dr. News Region Selection

You can select the region as per your wish from the given list of three. They are India, United states, and Global. Once the selection is done, you can start reading as per the option you chose.

Read News offline


Now that there is no compulsion of having the internet connection or data pack on your mobile phone to browse the news. Dr. News supports offline reading! Yes, what you read is right. So, even without the internet connection, you can keep on reading. It is as simple as three steps. They are:-

  1. Choose the category you want to read;
  2. Download the news at lightning fast speed,
  3. Start to read!

You need not worry about the storage, as you can save articles without pictures to save tons of space!

Customised News

Customised News in Dr.News

Yes this the very much useful and exciting feature where you can choose the news you love to read. You can customize news from plenty of categories like Entertainment, Sports, Auto, Games, Movies, Beauty and everything else and manage categories with the ultra-simplified interface with just a few taps, and start reading what you like!

Subscribe to the latest content

Subscribe to latest content in Dr. News

Dr. News constantly brings you the latest content from the rapidly growing list of sources. One can feel free to explore new sources and can subscribe with a simple tap if you like it! The main advantage with Dr. News is, only the content you want is the content you will continue to receive and nothing you don’t. You can subscribe from the list provided in the app such as Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, The Hindu, DNA India etc., for free of cost.

Switch on the Smart Mode 


Don’t worry if there is some lack of network or loading slowly. Dr. News can show you the photos quickly, or you can choose Text More, i.e., read without photos. If you switch on the smart mode, one can experience the excellent reading experience.

Popular Pictures & Viral Videos

Dr.News Videos

The hottest stories you want to read is just one click away in the Dr. News. It’s time to discover the globe, and keep up with the latest gossip, read about that new diet or supplement, check out what’s going on with your favourite sports team or pretty much anything else you choose! This latest content at your fingertips can be shared with near and dear ones with just a tap on the daily basis.


Dr. News will constantly be working on the app and add more features to improve user experience, such as share, desktop shortcuts, and faster refresh by sliding down from the top of the page. We welcome your suggestions regarding the app in the comments section below. Happy download.

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