March 19, 2020

EaseUs – The Best Tool for Data Recovery

Back in the old days, when people found themselves in any situation involving crashed systems or damaged hard drive situations, they would panic. Situations like these would cause them to lose important data.

Not just individuals, such situations equally threatened corporate entities and their smooth flow of operations. The best course of action back in the day would be creating backups in external hard drives and other data storage devices. Even though the external back up devices are still used but nowadays people prefer using data recovery tools such as data recovery software.

Data recovery software also termed as data recovery wizard, helps individuals and entities recover their lost data from their devices. This software needs to be purchased from its vendors via their websites online. Some of the data recovery software works better than the others in terms of their utility and performance.

A data recovery software’s performance can be measured in terms of its recovery features, the storage capacity required, and the availability of backend support from the vendor in case further assistance is required. A closer look at the utilities offered by data recovery software, such as EaseUs, reveals why it is so important to purchase one and keep it as a potential tool to be used in times of need.

EaseUS: Who Needs To Use It and Why?

EaseUS was launched in 2004 and since then it has been helping clients recover their lost data within seconds.  Over the years, EaseUs has become one of the top ten data recovery software. EaseUs’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that unlike much other data recovery software, it goes one step further when it comes down to tackling difficult data recovery situations.

This includes recovering data from deleted files whether encrypted or not, retrieving data lost due to accidental deletion, virus infection, and bad sectors on the hard drive and repairs corrupted partitions too.

EaseUS works smoothly with both, Windows and MAC powered devices. It requires a minimum of 32MB space on the drive for storage. Additionally, it also works well with Android and iOS powered smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices.

It is used by 530 million customers worldwide. These include home users, employees, hustlers, and corporate entities.  In order to keep your disk’s health in check, manage partitions and create a secure backup utility, it is imperative that you keep a purchased copy of EaseUs’s data recovery software with you.

The time taken for data recovery depends on the volume of data and the level of corruption in the hard drive or the source from which data is being retrieved. For example, recovering data from a disk that is in good shape and has a magnitude of 1TB can take approximately 10-12 hours.

There are numerous reasons why users must choose EaseUs over all other data recovery software out there. Some of these reasons, as cited by users, include the ease with which it can be used, the safety factor that it does not contain any malicious threats and is free from infectious viruses and its reliability in terms of its performance. Others have been listed below:

  • Friendly user-interface and easy to use.
  • Repairs and recovers damaged files whether audio, graphics, videos or documents.
  • Restores the damaged audio/video/photos content in better quality.
  • Recovers files from dedicated storage devices such as external hard drives.
  • Recovers files from partitions whether they are hidden, deleted or RAW.
  • Tacks lost partitions and restore data from them too.
  • Allows previewing data before actually restoring it.
  • Other than the aforementioned content, it also helps in recovering data from emails and archive files too.


A closer look at EaseUS’s performance as a reliable data recovery software reveals that it can perform the aforementioned jobs without any hassle. If you are also one of those people who have ever experienced a major data loss or needed a safe medium for data transfer, then be proactive and download EaseUS’s free version right now from their website. Once you have used the 2GB limit of your free version, you can always purchase the software with a 30day money-back guarantee and free backend support provided by the developers.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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