February 24, 2020

20+ Best Egg Puns — Fresh off the Pan Eggtastic Puns!

Totally new, fresh and hot from the pan. ATB presents over twenty new egg puns for you. I hope you feel eggsellent by the end of the puns list!

Mad Craic Comedy

Here are the best egg puns:

  • Why did the man order an Omelette?
    • He heard it was eggsellent!
  • Why doesn’t the shopkeeper buy giant eggs?
    • He can’t afford the eggsize duty.
  • What did Kanye West say after he interrupted the egg?
    • Omelette you speak.
  • Why couldn’t the chicken find her egg?
    • It was poached during the night.
  • Did you hear the British have stopped selling protein to the EU?
    • They’re calling it Breggsit.
  • Why do the kids fill the river with eggs?
    • I don’t know, but it is very egg stream.
  • Why did the teacher punish the misbehaving egg?
    • To make an eggsample out of him.
  • What do you call a knowledgeable chicken?
    • An eggspert.
  • What do you call an egg that spends 2 weeks outside the fridge?
    • Eggspired
  • Why did the mother egg tell her son to calm down?
    • He was getting too eggscited.
  • An egg walks into a bar and tries to order a drink.
    • The bartender says, “we have stopped serving, but for you, I can make an eggsception.”
  • Why did the chicken leave the farm?
    • He was eggsiled.
  • MAN 1: Do you like egg puns?
    • MAN 2: I don’t know, can you give me an eggsample.
  • Why aren’t people scared of Alien eggs?
    • Because they don’t eggsist.
  • Why couldn’t the egg watch TV?
    • The channels were scrambled.
  • What does an egg do when it can’t meet a deadline?
    • Ask for an eggstention.
  • Why was the chicken surprised when she laid an egg?
    • She wasn’t eggspecting it.
  • Why doesn’t the egg have a driver’s license?
    • He didn’t pass the eggsam.
  • What isn’t Chicken Run on Amazon?
    • It’s a Netflix eggsclusive.
  • What is a chicken’s favorite web application?
    • Microsoft Eggsel
  • Did you hear Steve Martin is doing a sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen where he has a 13th child?
    • It’s called “Cheaper by the Bakers dozen.”
  • Why does the IRS hate chickens?
    • They are tax eggsempt.

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