July 14, 2021

Elevator shoes for men-enhance the quality of your life

It’s no secret that society has set ridiculous beauty standards for women; standards that we know are hard, if not impossible, to live up to. On the other hand, we often forget about the pressure society puts on men to look a certain way. According to this standard, men should be masculine; they should be muscular and tall. Some men hit the gym up to seven days a week to achieve a fit, powerful physique, but height is fixed. It is determined by the time you’re 18 by a multitude of factors, like genetics and diet; it isn’t something that you can increase with hard work.  So what are men of a shorter stature to do?

Surgery is an option if you have a few weeks to spend in the hospital and a small fortune to blow. There is a cosmetic procedure, known as “limb-lengthening surgery”, that could help you increase your height, but it is extremely painful, as it involves the intentional breaking of bones and insertion of screws. It also costs around $80,000.

Luckily there is a much simpler, safer, cheaper, and less invasive option: guidomaggi.com elevator shoes.

What are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes—also called lift shoes, tall shoes or height-increasing shoes—are shoes that make the wearer appear taller than they actually are. They work in a similar fashion to platform shoes, but rather than having visibly thick soles, the insoles are thickened under the heels in sections known as “shoe lifts.” These shoe lifts are inside the shoes rather than outside, meaning that they are invisible to other people. In fact, elevator shoes are so effective that celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt admit to wearing them to discreetly give themselves that extra boost in height.

What are the Benefits of Elevator Shoes?

  1. They will make you look taller. Additional height is the most obvious benefit of elevator shoes. These shoes can add up to 6 inches to your height, meaning that a man that normally stands at an average 5’7 could tower just over 6 feet, simply by putting on a pair of elevator shoes! In less drastic cases, elevator shoes can add a couple of inches to your stature to give the wearer a small but effective increase in height that looks completely natural when both standing and walking.
  2. They will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.
    It’s a harsh reality, but it’s scientifically proven that women find men of taller statures more attractive and even superior to their shorter counterparts. In becoming taller, elevator shoes will ultimately make you more desirable to the opposite sex.
  3. They will increase your confidence. Elevator shoes will give you that masculine edge and allow you to see eye to eye, both literally and metaphorically, with the competition. When face to face, other people will be forced to pay more attention to your facial expressions, which will eventually improve your communication skills and benefit you significantly in both business and in your personal life. Life just feels better when you are standing tall and feeling secure in yourself and your body. Just sit back and watch your whole life change as your self-esteem and attitude improve!
  4. They will give you an advantage in business interactions.
    One social study involving a blind hiring scheme showed that employers were 75% more likely to hire the taller applicant in situations where the skill sets and experience were equal among the candidates, as height is often linked to intelligence and superiority. According to the Wall Street Journal, taller people even earn more on average per year than people of shorter or average height. In addition, it is reported that 80% of chief business executives are of above-average height, which further correlates height with corporate success.
  5. They will keep you ahead of the crowd.
    Heels are essential for many women at social events and gatherings. Those extra inches on your partner or spouse are enough to throw off any man’s confidence, but elevator shoes will give you the ability to match her height increase and still stand tall above her, no matter the shoes she’s wearing. They will give you the ability to stand ahead above in the essential social event photographs and be remembered as the masculine, powerful man that you are.
  6. They help with orthopedic problems.
    Shoe inserts, like those in elevator shoes, are often prescribed by podiatrists in orthopedic medicine to provide comfort and arch support, relieve foot and joint pain in arthritic patients, and correct other orthopedic problems. They also help the wearer to remain upright and maintain good posture, rather than hunching over.
  7. They are fashionable.
    There is no reason to sacrifice style when wearing elevator shoes as they come in a variety of shapes, styles, varieties, and colors. There are elevator shoes for all occasions, from boots to formal wear, and even sneakers to loafers.
  8. They are discreet.
    Elevator shoes can boost your height without the obvious chunky sole of a platform shoe. One of the best things about guidomaggi.it elevator shoes is that the height boosting insole is inside the shoes, meaning that your little height boosting “secret” is safely tucked away, out of sight from others. No one will notice you’re wearing them, they’ll only notice your increased confidence!

Elevator shoes are a simple, yet effective way to increase your height which will ultimately increase your self-esteem and improve your life. From your physical well-being to your mental state, elevator shoes are beneficial to anyone looking to gain a few inches and a whole lot of confidence!

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