February 16, 2018

Endor Protocol Introduces a New Dimension to Predictive Analysis Using Blockchain and AI

Predictive analysis is such an important concept that world’s top successful companies and tech-giants are known to invest heavily towards it. The ability to make accurate predictions regarding the future trends effectively helps businesses make successful plans and robust decisions.


So far, the existing systems that enable the acquisition of near accurate predictions in the business involved having access to scarce and expensive data science PhDs, proper models per prediction, unlimited access to expensive and limited scales, etc. These conditions make it almost impossible for individuals and smaller businesses with limited budgets to participate effectively. While the established tech-giants, who gain access to those established factors continue to enjoy the inherent benefits, smaller groups remain sidelined and depend on natural probabilities most of the time for their forecasts.

So, in order to bridge the gap between the big and small players within the industry and offer a level playing ground for everyone, Endor is leveraging on the possibilities provided by blockchain technology and AI. It is creating a blockchain-enabled decentralized platform for predictive analysis. This platform will function to fully decentralize and democratize the processes of trend prediction by making artificial intelligence accessible to all and makes it possible for any individual or group to be able to ask questions and get accurate predictions.

This new development by Endor, which is described as the “Google for predictive analytics,” is a product of MIT and will provide automated predictions that are accurate, quick and accessible to all.

To achieve this goal, Endor has introduced the new Social Physics technology (also a product of MIT), where machines and scientific data will integrate to predict social issues.

The Endor blockchain based protocol is the first decentralized, trustless, censorship resistance behavioral prediction platform that provides high-quality results for any predictive question in minutes. No coding, data cleaning, or a team of PhDs required. Also, this MIT powered Social Physics technology provides up to X10 higher accuracy for trends prediction.

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