An Engineer’s Answer to 3.5L PA After Engineering at a Top College Going Viral For All Right Reasons

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In a developing country like India where a lakhs of engineer graduates are produced, it’s quite natural to persist an unemployment problem. We may come across many people those who were graduated from a top most engineering. Even though they got a job in the campus placement, most of the salary packages were restricted around 3.5LPA. Recently a question regarding this topic was going viral in Quora, a question-and-answer website.

The question was asked as “How does it feel to earn INR 3.5 LPA after completing engineering from one of the best colleges of India?” Within a few time, most of the users followed this question. 623 users answered this question. Nithin Sebastian, a Chennai resident is one of those 623 users who answered this question. He has 2.2k followers. His answer to the question got 614.7k views and 29k.

We have removed the answer currently, as per writers request. However you can read the full answer on Quora directly.

He ends his answer on Quora by saying:

“To conclude, I would like to say that no hard work goes fruitless. Sometimes, the fruits take time to bear. When you are struggling to find motivation in your darkest hour, always ask yourself, ‘why am I doing this’? In my case, it was for my parents.”

Here are some comments by Quora users on Nithin’s answer:

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  1. Hi Sainath Gopi , Great story of Nithin Sebastian it is really inspiring. I never know people struggling like this after studies. This story is really painful but there is a positive message in this story “Try and try until you get success”

  2. when iam reading your article i came to conclusion
    becase so many things i also had fail in my life
    but i never give up for that
    becase any how one day we ill achoive it

  3. I literally found myself choked throat and wet eyes by the end of your inspirational happening!

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