November 20, 2017

“First Live 5G Demo in India” by Ericsson- 5.7 Gbps Throughput & 3 ms Latency

The multinational networking and telecommunications company, Ericsson has successfully demonstrated the first live 5G end-to-end demonstration in India on Friday using 5G testbed and 5G New Radio. The test showcased an extremely high throughput of 5.7 Gbps and ultra-low latency of 3 milliseconds.


The demonstration included a host of technologies that are essential in the progress to 5G such as Gigabit LTE with Licence Assisted Access Technology, 5G Ready Transport, Massive multiple-input and multiple-output, 5G ready Core, Network Slicing and more.

“We are strengthening our commitment to the Indian market by pioneering the first live 5G demonstration in the country. The 5G technology showcase has been organized in the direction of creating a robust 5G ecosystem in the country even as the Government plans to have 5G network rollouts by 2020. 5G research and development is natural for Ericsson thanks to our innovation, R&D focus, technology leadership and thought leadership,”  Nunzio Mirtillo, Head of Market Area – SE Asia, Oceania, and India, Ericsson.

5G will bring a new level of performance and characteristics to the telecom networks, enabling new services and creating new ecosystems. New revenue streams will open for operators. 5G has the potential to enable 43 percent incremental revenue opportunity for the Indian operators by 2026,” said Nitin Bansal, Managing Director, Ericsson India.


The company added that 5G will create a $27 billion worth of revenue for Indian Telecom operators by 2026. According to the Ericsson 5G business report, the largest opportunity will be seen in sectors like manufacturing, energy, and utilities followed by public safety and health sectors. This will be over and above the revenue generated from traditional services that are expected to grow up to $63 billion by 2026.

The report also stated that agriculture will open-up revenue opportunities up to $400 million for telecom operators.  The areas where 5G will focus include field monitoring and mapping, livestock routing and monitoring, on-field applications, and related services.


“5G is expected to play a major role in digitalization of industries. 5G will bring a new level of performance and characteristics to the telecom networks enabling new services and creating new ecosystems. New revenue streams will open for operators as they go beyond being Connectivity and Infrastructure providers to become service enablers and service creators,” Nitin Bansal, managing director of Ericsson India, told.

Also, the Swedish telecom, Ericsson partnered with India’s largest telecom operator Bharti Airtel for deploying 5G technology in the country on Friday. Airtel and Ericsson will combinedly work on creating a roadmap for the evolution of the network to the next-gen 5G technology.

Nunzio Mirtillo added that “We have a memorandum of understandings with 36 operators globally. In India, we have recently tied up with Bharti Airtel for 5G technology.” However, Ericsson is already a vendor of Airtel in areas like managed services and 4G.

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