December 19, 2020

Essential Items To Start A Dog Grooming Business

Opening up your own dog grooming business can be a very profitable business venture. According to one study, about 53% of all American households own one or more dogs. These dog owners usually need help when it comes to grooming their pets, as dogs need a lot of care and attention to stay happy and healthy. To start a dog grooming business, you will need to own a number of tools that will work for a range of dog breeds and sizes. The proper tools can make the difference between a successful business and one that is not.

Dog hair clippers

Dog hair clippers are another must for would-be pup groomers. If a client wants to get a doggy-haircut, you’ll need the right clippers for the job. Look for a model that has a quiet motor, as this will help keep the dog calm and still while you cut their fur. You should purchase a model that comes with multiple comb and blade attachments that will allow you to cut multiple breeds. When you are comparing dog clippers, consider the “rotary speed per minute.” Clippers generally come in single-speed and variable-speed styles.

Dog brushes and combs

Different breeds need different brushes and combs when you groom them. The wrong brush can even hurt a dog’s skin, so you will want to make sure you have the right tools for the job. There are four main types of dog brushes you should own to start a grooming business: slicker, rake, bristle, and pin. You will also need nylon and wire combs. It’s important to know which brush or comb should be used on each breed before you begin, as the wrong device can cause them discomfort and pain. Dogs that have thicker fur will need to be groomed with a sturdier brush while dogs with thinner fur will require a softer brush.

De-shedding tools

Many dog owners bring their dogs in because they are tired of all the shedding they are doing, so a quality de-shedding tool is another item you will need. A de-shedding tool can be used on dogs that shed a lot before you use one of the above brushes or combs on them. They will remove the loose fur from the dog’s topcoat as well as the dead fur that often gets trapped in their undercoat.

Dog nail clippers

It will be necessary to own two different sizes of nail clippers when you open up a grooming business. A smaller pair will be used for smaller dogs while a bigger pair will be needed for, you guessed it, larger dogs. Make sure that the clippers have a cover over the top that will protect against accidental cuts.

There are basically two main styles of dog nail clippers- scissor clippers and guillotine clippers. Scissor clippers are mainly used for larger dogs with thicker nails while guillotine scissors are better for smaller dogs with thinner nails.

Dog nail grinder

Many dogs have trouble adjusting to the feeling of regular nail clippers, or their nails may be so thick that regular clippers don’t work that well. It’s helpful to have a nail grinder on hand for these pets. This device allows you to grind down the dog’s nails instead of clipping them. It will take a little bit longer than a regular clipper but may be necessary for some dogs.

Dog grooming shears

If you get a dog in that has a lot of thick, matted fur, you’ll need dog grooming shears to take care of it. This often happens in dogs with longer, thicker fur, and a regular dog hair clipper may not have enough power to get the job done. There are a number of dog shears you will need to have on hand: straight, curved, stiletto, thinning, blending, and convex. The type you will need will depend on the breed you are working on at the time.

Dog grooming table

You definitely don’t want to have to kneel down to groom your clients. A quality dog grooming table will let you take care of the needs of your dogs while you stand up comfortably. A dog grooming table also helps by keeping the animal in one spot as you work on him or her. If you have the finances, you can buy a couple of tables of varying heights to accommodate the different sizes of dogs you will see. You can also purchase an electric or hydraulic table that can be raised up and down. If you plan to be a mobile dog groomer, a folding table that folds up easily will be your best bet.

Dog ear, eye, and tooth care products

When you groom a dog, you’ll be expected to clean out their ears before they are released. An ear cleaning kit should be on your list of supplies, along with a large supply of cotton balls. You’ll also need eye drops that can protect the dog’s eyes while you are bathing them. Dog toothbrushes and dog toothpaste should also be kept on hand.

Dog bathtub

It’s best to purchase a dog bathtub that is able to hold a dog up to 300 pounds. The first thing you’ll often do as a groomer is to give the dog a good bath before you get started on anything else. It’s important to have a dog bath that can handle the excessive fur that will inevitably go down the drain. Hose attachments will be very helpful for rinsing the pup when you are done. You may also consider a ramp that leads from the floor to the tub. This will allow you to lead larger dogs into the tub without having to lift them yourself. A ramp will also be helpful for elderly dogs who might be suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or joint pain.

Dog shampoos and conditioners

You’ll need quality dog shampoos and conditioners on hand at all times. You should have different types of shampoo handy, such as de-shedding shampoos and flea shampoos. Dog conditioners will help keep the dog’s fur from being matted while moisturizing the skin.

Dog towels and dryer

You’ll want to have large, fluffy towels available to dry off the excess water when the dog is done with their bath. From there they can go under a dog fur dryer that will quickly dry their fur and warm them up. Look for a standing dryer that will leave both of your hands-free to brush the dog while they are drying under it. A portable dryer will be a necessity if you are planning to open a mobile grooming business.

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