December 23, 2020

Evolution Of Sports Broadcasting Over 50 Years

Sports is what keeps us all alive. You tune in to your TV and switch on to your favorite sports channel. And if your favorite commentator is somewhere, you have to listen to him. But have you ever wondered, how this sports broadcasting started?

Let us take you on a short walk down memory lane and explore all that is about sports broadcasting and how these 안전놀이터 of broadcasting has evolved:

The beginning

The history of sports broadcasting traces its roots to the times of the telegraph. During a football match between Kansas and Missouri, held in Missouri, the western union set up a telegraph wire. Every match detail was relayed to Lawrence, Kansas, a broadcaster read out the details as if he was witnessing the match himself. You can imagine the joy of people when they got to hear every detail in almost real-time, albeit a few minutes late. That was 1911!

Radio broadcast

Information relaying through telegraph wires made the sports events more lively. Now people from other cities, especially supporters of the rival teams can get to experience the thrill of the match without actually being there.

It lasted till 1919. In 1919, there was a radio announcer who read out the details of a match on the radio after receiving the information through telegraph. A complete real-time radio broadcast happened in 1921 on April 11th.

The iconic 10-round boxing match held in Westinghouse stadium, Pittsburgh was transmitted over the radio. This opened the gate to the live radio broadcasts of all games, be it a small college match or a league match.

TV broadcast

Can you imagine a world without live-action sports telecasts? The legendary “hand of God” wouldn’t have gained so much fame, had it not been for the TV telecasts. But TV was a luxury initially. Not everyone had it.

The first TV broadcast of sports was done in 1936 during the Summer Olympics in Germany. Several viewing rooms were set up in berlin. Tv signals were transmitted using the coaxial tubes.

Afterward, in the USA, in 1939, several events like NFL, baseball, basketball, and almost all the college sports events were telecasted.

Modern broadcast

The way we see sports broadcasts happened several years later in the latter half of the 20th century. In 1979, ESPN was established in the USA as a dedicated sports channel. This meant better coverage of the sports with dedicated time-slots for discussions and other sports-related programs.

In the UK, sky sports was established on similar lines in 1995 which ceased to operate only after a year. However, in 1996, it was relaunched. Now, almost every sports event sold its exclusive broadcasting rights to different TV channels. Sponsorships, investments, and modeling contracts for the sportsperson started to flow in. Sports became a lucrative career. And, the rest is history!

So, next time, you tune into some sports event, be amazed at the human marvel that the human mind is. From relaying every detail of the game over the telegraph wire to live satellite telecast, we have surely come a long way.

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