April 30, 2020

ExpressVPN – Installing Guide on Desktop and Mobile

We live in a world in which the average person, and especially business entities must do everything in their power to keep vital information safe and private. Programs such as Express VPN work to maintain privacy on a private network while giving you and your employees the freedom to work and complete tasks as needed. ExpressVPN is essential for any business whether small or large and for those wanting to quickly install this useful program, here is how to install on both desktop and mobile devices.

Type in URL

ExpressVPN is an easily downloadable program that allows you to maintain control of your vital data by showing your physical IP location as a completely different location, thereby confusing hackers and data thieves and making it impossible for them to steal your data. As with most downloadable programs, you must first visit the ExpressVPN site and click the download button.

Choose Your Type

The next step is to choose which type of ExpressVPN plan you would like. ExpressVPN is not a free program, but it does offer a range of different monthly fees depending on your individual needs. Those just starting out or individuals looking to utilize the service can choose the $12.99 per month plan. This option gives you the ability to try out the service and if you are unsatisfied with ExpressVPN for any reason during your first 30 day trial period, you can receive a full refund.

As for those who wish to get the most bang for their buck, so to speak with Express VPN, a 1-year subscription costs $99.95. Choose how you want to use the service, you will be prompted to enter your email address and your preferred method of payment. Major credit cards are accepted by ExpressVPN. Once you have ensured all information is correct, press join now.

My Account Page

After you have successfully entered your information and joined the service, you will visit the My Account Page located on the Express VPN site. Once you have arrived at the page, you will be prompted to download the Express VPN program. It is at this time you will choose what device you choose to download the program on. For desktop users, simply choose the desktop button while mobile users can choose the mobile option for download. The product will begin downloading to your chosen device and start the install process automatically.

Set Up ExpressVPN

Once everything has installed on your chosen device, you will be prompted to actually set up the program. Simply click Set Up ExpressVPN when prompted. Certain precautions have been set in place to ensure that the installer is actually a human and not a robot, so each new install receives an activation code located just below the setup button. You can copy and paste this code into the activation code section when prompted, so you do not have to manually input the entire code. You will then be able to sign into the program as you have previously paid for your subscription.

Launch on Startup

The next part of the process is to choose whether you would prefer to start up ExpressVPN automatically upon startup or if you would rather start the program as needed. Consider carefully what you would like to do, but as with most programs, this setting can be changed at a later date simply by accessing your mobile device or desktop’s startup settings.

Sending Reports

Upon choosing how you wish to use Express VPN, you will be asked if you want to send reports back to Express VPN for maintenance and any issues with the program. Again, this is a personal choice, but it can be helpful to send reports as it keeps the company informed on user experience.

Choose Your Location

As stated previously, ExpressVPN helps keep information secure by altering your physical location with that of a completely different location. When initially starting up your Express VPN service, you will be given a location defaulted to your program or you can choose a different location depending on your needs. Locations can be changed at any time you feel necessary for security purposes. Choosing a location that is closer to you will ensure you maintain fast upload and download speeds, so keep that in mind when choosing your location. Most people simply choose the default choice as the program analyses the best location for where you are automatically.

Click the Power Button

ExpressVPN has made their program remarkably user friendly as it can be started with the rather large power button in the middle of the program screen. Once your location is chosen, press the power button to allow Express VPN to reroute your IP address.

Check it Out

In order to check on the program to see if it is working, simply open your browser and search for your location. Your search should give you options based on where your IP address has been rerouted to, for example, if you are routed to the UK, you will be given UK location-based information in your search.

An Interesting Feature

Although Expres VPN is generally used to ward off potential hackers and data thieves, it has some surprisingly useful features to the program as well. As we all know, different countries often offer various features for their online users. For instance, television streaming programs offer a movie in one country, but not in another. An ingenious feature of this program is that by changing your location to another country, you can gain access to their streaming content to get more from your streaming service.

ExpressVPN is a vital necessity these days. Cybersecurity is essential as malware and cyber attacks are increasing. According to statistical data, 43% of all cyber-attacks are launched against small businesses and 91% of attacks come from phishing software linked to your individual location. If you are serious about your online security, ExpressVPN is the best and easiest solution on the market today. Keep your information safe from online thieves with Express VPN.

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