March 2, 2015

Facebook Employees can Access your Account without Password

You would be shocked to come across this fact that Facebook engineers can access your Facebook account without your knowledge and above all without entering any of the required details such as Username and Password or recovery e-mail, contact phone number details. Facebook has unveiled people across the globe with an recent.

Facebook Employees can Access your Account without Password

Facebook Engineer’s and Employees Sneaking in to Private Facebook Accounts

Recent details provided by the social network giant show who can access your Facebook account and when. There stringent actions and practices are being executed by the tech giant companies like Apple, Google and Yahoo making their services to be secured and protecting them from the hackers, law enforcement and spies agencies. Although, there is a vulnerability of personal data misuse and impersonation of your social life info which have been registered with these tech giants by some its employees.

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Director of record label Anjunabeats, Paavo Siljamäki posted a captivating a brief study on his Facebook wall throwing a spotlight over this issue. Facebook post of Paavo Siljamäki states that Facebook engineers at Facebook office in LA logged into his Facebook account after his permission during his visit where he cam across a unusual incident which was Facebook engineers  logged into his Facebook account without asking him for the password of his account.

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Facebook User is Screwed Without Notification After Stranger Accessing Users’s Account

It was a blew out of the water experience for Paavo Siljamäki, as after being logged by the Facebook engineer without facilitating the password, Facebook has failed to caution the user (Paavo Siljamäki) with any alert briefing his private Facebook profile being accessed by some strange person since the company does when any person try’s to log in to a persons Facebook account with out a proper password and username from a strange suspicious device of a different Geo-location.

Facebook Employees can Access your Account without Password

Stormed by this incident Paavo Siljamäki approached the Facebook in order to figure out who all does have the similar kind of master access to anyone’s Facebook account, who can access anyone’s Facebook account, when cam they do so and how to be aware of this kind of acts if any Facebook has logged in to anyone’s Facebook account.

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Facebook has issued a statement when it was questioned by the Paavo Siljamäki  about how the employee/Facebook engineer got access to user’s Facebook account without entering the account credentials such as password and username:

We have rigorous administrative, physical, and technical controls in place to restrict employee access to user data. Our controls have been evaluated by independent third parties and confirmed multiple times by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office as part of their audit of our practices.”

Who Can Access Facebook Accounts?

Facebook failed to answer the directly to the questions which have been demanded like “who can access Facebook accounts of its users whose private data is registered with in it – which would arise in any Facebook users mind after coming across this king of circumstances. However Facebook assured that such incidents would take place such as a Facebook engineer accessing the private Facebook profile and would be able to do so only for a specific job function under tiered and limited conditions. Facebook stated that access  to its users accounts would be accorded to its engineers and employees to  reply to a customer request for information or error report.

Facebook explicated that “Designated employees may only access the amount of information that’s necessary to carry out their job responsibilities, such as responding to bug reports or account support inquiries, We have a zero tolerance approach to abuse, and improper behavior results in termination.”

Concisely, Facebook declared that it has a secured customer service tool which concedes admittance to the users Facebook profile to the Facebook engineer. It as later found that tech giant Facebook produces weekly reports on suspicious behavior by its two separately running monitoring systems to review and analyse the users data by two independent security teams. This whole process happens by the a selected group of employees.

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Facebook ensures the safety its users personal data ensuring maximum security by  admonishing strongly to its recruited employees to use secured customer service tool with in their limitations and has expelled many of its employees who dared to violate their limitations by attempting to use this tool for their benefits. Thus take a long breathe and relax as there is no need to worry and feel insecure now, as Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg or any of its employees wouldn’t access your account until and unless you ask them for any assistance granting permission to access your account. What could be expected more than this? Share your ideas, queries and comments in respect to this subject with us stating them below.

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