February 13, 2016

Facebook Rolls Out with New Features – Lets you Add Looping Videos as a Profile Pic, Featured Photos and Many More [Updated]

Facebook has rolled out a large set of changes to the user’s profile pictures, including looping videos to be set as a profile picture that will play every time someone’s page is opened. It has introduced many other features for the Facebook profile pictures of the users to bring a good user interface when viewed on mobile. Not only profile videos, but Facebook also rolled out many other changes to its site that include temporary photos and new controls to set one’s profile page when other people visit. Recently, it has introduced Facebook Video Auto-Play on Mobile and Desktop, which lets users view any video automatically without having to click on it, and also a way to disable Facebook Auto-Play Videos. Facebook has taken a step ahead and made these changes to bring the site more visually stimulating and addicting. Facebook allows all users to portray themselves by customizing their profiles in a more enhanced way. Here are the major changes Facebook has rolled out for the user’s profile pictures. Have a look!

Facebook Brings 5 New Features to User Profiles

Facebook, the social media giant, has made new changes to user profiles on mobiles where they can add a looping video as their Facebook profile picture. This is the major change that Facebook rolled out on the user’s profile. There are five major changes that Facebook has introduced so that users will be able to grasp one’s identity quickly through biographical information and photos. Here are the five major changes brought to the user profile:

  • Ability to use a 7-second looping video as your Facebook profile pic.
  • New Option to pin your Featured Pictures to the top of the profile.
  • Temporary Changes to Profile Pictures (Photos).
  • Quick and Easy visibility controls for About info with One-line Biofield.
  • Changes according to Mobile-Centric Design.

Looping Videos as Profile Pictures

Facebook introduced a new feature that allows users to change their profile picture into a 7-second looping video. The profile videos will loop only when someone visit’s your profile page and selects a frame for viewing the video. Audio will be played only when the viewer taps into the video in full-view mode.

Looping video

The looping video won’t play when someone is just viewing your profile. If you are fed up with uploading profile pictures without any expressiveness and emotion, the new Looping video brings much more fun and more interest for others to view your profile.

How to Set Looping Video as a Profile Picture

The new feature has not yet been rolled out for all the users of Facebook as it is still being tested. Once you get that feature, you can change your profile picture to a new looping video. Here are the steps on how to set a looping video as your profile picture:

  • Initially, Visit your profile page and select Take a New Profile Video or Upload Video or Photo within the avatar section.
  • You must use your phone to take a profile video directly through the new looping video feature.
  • Just tap the record button to start and make a video of your choice of a few seconds (7 seconds), and hit the button to stop. You can once again recheck before uploading it as your profile picture.
  • Now you can upload that video from your camera roll. Click Upload From Camera Roll and then select any of your desired videos. It will then show the preview to ensure it is a profile picture.

Note: Make sure that the video must not exceed seven seconds, but it can be less. You’ll need to trim the clip in another app if you want to use a longer video.

  • You’ll then need to select a thumbnail, also known as the static shot displayed in comments and Messenger.

facebook profile videos

  • Just hit the save button so that the uploaded video will autoplay, and your friends will be notified in their News Feed as (EG: Lekha changed her Profile video).

Featured Photos

The other biggest feature rolled out on Facebook is a new option that lets users select up to five Featured Photos that will be pinned to a section at the top of your profile and appears just below your biographical information. This feature is designed to allow you give others to consider your friend request, or it is an opportunity for some of your new friends to know more about you and as a clue that resembles your identity.

Facebook - Featured Photos

You can set a maximum of 5 photos as featured photos on your profile page. You can keep any of your desired pictures. For instance, you can show your favorite activities after work, your pets, or some of your selfies in your favorite locations. They are not your profile pictures; they are just shown to others as extra photos who visit your profile to judge you.

Temporary Profile Pictures

Facebook has tested the temporary profile picture feature for a few weeks, and now it has got an official rollout. A temporary profile picture lets you select a profile pic, and later you can revert to your old pic after a set number of hours, days, or weeks.

Facebook - Temporary Profile pics

This change has been made on Facebook to promote a cause (Like People changed their profile pictures to Rainbow to support the right to gay marriage.) Also, recently, Facebook has given you a new option to change your profile picture into a tri-color pic that resembles your support for Digital India.  Even Facebook provides little tools for filtering your profile picture.

Change your Bio-Field

Facebook is also planning to add another feature to give your profile more in-line privacy controls. You will have an About field on your profile page that shows information about you, like education, work, birthday, etc. A new change will be made to that field where you can add a 100-character Bio-field above profiles.

Facebook - 100 character bio-infoYou can add a little information about yourself in a single line of 100 characters that helps people infer if they wish to be your friend. This could be visible to others only if you keep that section public.

Mobile-Centric Design

When you open your Facebook account on a mobile phone, it displays all the information as left-aligned similar to the web profile. Now, Facebook has changed that and built a mobile-first design in which you can view your profile pic/video bigger that appears in the center of the screen. Before, we used to have small open panels to reveal details about our friends and photos. Now, Facebook is giving both their big sections pinned below the profile pic and above the timeline.

Facebook - Mobile -centric design

All these are the new features that will be added to your profile to bring more visibility to the user’s mobile. Facebook is testing all these new features with a small number of iPhone users in the UK and California and will likely roll out soon to others. All these changes to Facebook’s profile seem to enhance its appearance rather than function. Whatever the reason, it’s gonna bring much fun and enhanced perceptibility for Facebook users on a mobile phone.

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